[PICS/Trans] 101121 Girl’s Day Hyeri – Photoshoot

Name: Lee Hye Ri

Blood Type: AB

Family: Parents, Younger sister

Education: Mansun Kindergarten – Sam Ri Elementary – Garak Middle School – GongYeon girls high-school

Interest/Specialty: Movies / Writing

Personality: So Cool~~ But easily hurt and softie with lots of tears

How she became a member: Coincidentally casted and auditioned.

Ideal Type: Real man. Brusque but surreptitiously takes care of all for you.

Role Model: Um Jung Hwa sunbae. I look up to you!

Jinx: I always have skin troubles on broadcast days.

Habit: Blank expressions

Favorite Music: R&B

Often visited place: Company, dorm, broadcast center …. dance practice room

Usual Fashion Style: Comfortable clothes!! I like hoodie-tees

Friendly Entertainer: Yoo Jae Suk sunbae!! I’m a fan. ke ke

Favorite Food: Sushi (korean version)

Favorite Color: Black, Red, Purple

Favorite Number: 3,6,9

Favorite Movies: Thriller, Action

Favorite Motto: Don’t start something you’re going to give up on.


Added and compiled all above to [Girl’s Day Hyeri Profile]


Source: the-star.co.kr
Translated By: Ricardox@girlsdaydaily

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