[Trans] 101121 Girl’s Day Hyeri Tweets Update

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혜리 웨딩드레스 입었슴당ㅎㅎ 9시 30분 꽃다발에서 확인하세요 크크:)
Translation: Hyeri wearing a wedding dress haha please watch bouquet at 9:30am  keke :)

혜리입니당ㅎㅎ 즐거운 주말 보내고 계신거죠??:) 항상 몸 건강하게!! 혜리꿈꾸세용! 보고싶습네당S2

Translation: This is Hyeri  ㅎㅎ(laughs) Do you have a great weekend??:) Always take care of your health!! Please dream about Hyeri! I miss you guys


Source: @girls_day_hyeri
translated By: girlsdaydaily

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