[Preview] allkpop Special Girl’s Day Event – Autographed CD

allkpop is hosting a Special Girl’s Day Event, please make sure to participate at allkpop to win the limited edition cd of Girl’s Day Party #2; personally autographed by all five members. This is a rare opportunity, so make sure to participate in this event! This CD cannot be purchased anywhere else, so get out there and work hard! This is also your chance to show your love and support to Girl’s Day. Don’t miss out! We wish everyone the best of luck!


Girl’s Day Party #2 Preview:

Note: If you don’t want to hear achel’s cute accent skip to :30 secs. -Tammy


I hope that gave everyone motivation to participate in this event! We look forward

to seeing all your awesome song and dance covers!


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4 thoughts on “[Preview] allkpop Special Girl’s Day Event – Autographed CD

  1. WOW~ awesome! You got one! <3
    Now i want one too~ want it so baaaaaad. *____*

    Cute accent by the way, achel! ^^ k k k

  2. I can’t win this !! I can dance but not that well LOL

    I don’t know if Girl’s Day read the comments too (when they visit the website) but I want to say GIRL’S DAY I love you all and I miss the two members who left ^^

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