[GIVEAWAY] Girl’s Day Limited Edition Autographed CD by girlsdaydaily[CLOSED]


Girlsdaydaily will be hosting a giveaway of the Girl’s Day Limited Edition Autographed album, Girl’s Day Party #2. [SCANS] We wanted to make this contest fun and simple.


Round 1: THE WINNER – @GirlsDayLOVER


Round 2: THE WINNER – @NinjinLina


How to Enter Round 2:

NOTE: The rules have changed, so please read them carefully. You do not need to leave

a reason anymore. This round is much more simple. Follow steps 1-3 closely.


1. MUST be a member of girlsdaydaily. [Register Here]


2. Post a comment including;

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We wish everyone the best of luck!! Now go go go and enter!

Achel and Tammy.

144 thoughts on “[GIVEAWAY] Girl’s Day Limited Edition Autographed CD by girlsdaydaily[CLOSED]

  1. Name/GDD Username: Kaniesha/iamthejoker
    Twitter: _iamthejoker
    Reason: I want to win this album because I recently became a fan of Girl’s Day! Before I never bothered to listen to them, but now that I did I love them and their music so much! Even though they’re underrated they still work hard and inspire me to work hard too! They’re so cute and their music makes me happy~
  2. Name/GDD Username: Syahirah Firzanah / Miyoung
    Twitter: @Syahirahjojo
    Reason: i’ve always been supporting girls day, even before debut, it was the first time i’ve ever anticipated a girl group. to me they had talent, everything. when they debuted with ’tilt my head’ i was never sad, i was actually happy with their song, as i find it very addicting, while others find it awful. i actually do not know why. after they released ‘how do i look’ i became more happy because people started to interest in them more, and when they released ‘nothing lasts’ they earned them selves a larger fan-base, which made me thrill. overall what i am trying to saying is, im a true fan, i love all the girls with all my heart, i will forever support them. i truly love them so much and if i win this autographed CD, i’d be honored and i’d be so ecstatic. so, i sincerely hope that i win this.
    p.s : i didn’t hesitate at what i am trying to say, everything is all here and it’s my true feelings. good luck for other participants.
  3. Name/GDD Username: Jo/kiwi

    Twitter: @jogii

    Reason: I first found out about Girl’s Day when I heard about how 5 members of a yet-to-be debuted girl group had joined twitter (I LOVE girl groups). I was curious so I followed each girl and had no idea what I was in for. Not long after, teaser videos of the girls doing flash mob dances out on the streets were released and I was VERY impressed. These girls could dance! Then videos of Minah and SoJin singing solo videos came out and I *knew* I would stay alongside watching this group grow.

    I still remember when SoJin first tweeted me back on twitter before the group debuted. I was ecstatic from her reply, each girl has replied to me now but knowing that she was the first left a deep impression on me. I have since learned of her as a great leader and a great friend. They interact with their fans – foreign ones too like me – and read what we have to say to them. This is something I have always admired about them because they’re all still learning English and actually take their time to talk to their fans. How awesome is that?

    I remember when they debuted with ‘Tilt My Head’ and people were very, very unnecessarily rude to them. I know this is the internet and all so people can be anonymous and be extra mean but these girls didn’t do anything wrong at all. They have a dream and chased it. I was so proud and happy when they debuted, I watched every performance and was so happy to call myself a fan. It did hurt a lot reading the harsh words some people had to say about them.. Then they came back with ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’ which is a brilliant song that I wish I could sing and dance too but I’m definitely not as good as Minah and nor can I do the splits, LOL.

    So now it’s been awhile, members have left and joined.. During this time so far I have joined a community full of Girl’s Day fans and met people around the world who love the group as much as I do (even though I don’t go on it religiously like I used to anymore), I have been able to chat with the girls themselves as well as people from the company (they are all so friendly and warm!) and I just love how approachable Girl’s Day are. I have always thought of them as girls my age who I feel I could be friends with, as cheesy as that sounds. But it’s true!

    This is why I love Girl’s Day. The girls have left a deep impression on me and I will never forget them or stop loving them for that. I could actually go on some more but I know this comment is really long already so I’ll just stop here, LOL sorry everybody. I JUST GET PASSIONATE ABOUT GIRL GROUPS. I don’t expect to win at all but I just feel like I needed to let this all out. I need to make more Girl’s Day friends so I don’t have to keep the love inside. :P

    YAY FOR GIRL’S DAY!! :D /disappears again

  4. Name/GDD username: Gian/ _Jae_Love
    Twitter: @_Jae_Love

    I love Girl’s Day because they make me feel inspired everyday.. From the first time I lay my eyes on them until now I feel proud to be diamond. I can’t get enough of them.. I love their smile and the way they make me smile. Girl’s Day makes other girl group pale in comparison and my world is empty without Girl’s Day. above all this I still have 5 individual reasons why I love each Girl’s Day member.. 1. Yura’s sweet and cute smile melts my heart away..2 When I look at Jihae’s eyes it’s like I’m in wonderland and tilt my head. 3.Hyeri’s cute face makes me look again and again. 4 Minah’s voice is like angel singing in my ear and 5. Sojin’s simplest personality is the best. Nothing last forever BUT Girl’s Day will be my forever.

  5. Name/GDD Username: zee/imzee
    Twitter: @keylastic
    Reason: I didnt become a fan of Girl’s Day because of their debut song. Their debut song wasnt very flattering, but I still find it cute. But I became a fan because of how much Girl’s Day interact with their fans. They even follow back thousands of people on Twitter, including me. I love how they are connected to thier fans and I feel very special because of that. I worked very hard to remeber and reconize who is who in Girl’s Day. And until now, I’m very proud to call myself a Girl’s Day Fan, a Diamond. <3
  6. Name/GDD Username: jhane/jhanebibe
    Twitter: @nomnommon
    Reason: honestly, i am just a new fan of girl’s day. i waited for their debut, but their debut song did not appeal to me. i was saddened by it because i know they got the talent but the song just did not do them justice. a little after that, the news about changes in the member line up made me think that maybe they are going to come back with something better. and i wasn’t disappointed. i am happy that i gave them another chance. nothing lasts forever is a very nice song, it instantly became a favorite the first time i heard it. i was really impressed and so i started to watch every performance, their predebut videos, etc. they are so talented and their live performances sound and look great. i followed them on twitter too, and i was surprised that they followed me back.XD [though i haven’t tweeted them anything yet.XD] i am still looking and recruiting fellow girl’s day fans so i can have someone to spazz with about our lovely girls.:) i hope they’ll get the recognition they deserve.:)

    i am happy that here is a community where i can find fellow girl’s day fans, and get me updated about the girls. thank you for the hardwork and all these projects you are doing. more power and thank you!:)

  7. Name/GDD Username: Jonas / yekting
    Twitter: @yekting
    I first knew about the girls when my friend contacted me through MSN asking me if I knew Girl`s Day. I said “Huh? Who’s that? A new group?” She linked me to their twitter. I was really surprised to see all 6 accounts (GirlsDay, Sojin, Jihae, Jiin, Jisun, Minah) all followed me back after half an hour. I tweeted each member to say my thanks for following back. After Jiin replied my tweet, I felt very much pleasantly surprised by it and thought “Hey~ These girls are really friendly to their fans~ Nice girls~”. My friend and I were immediate fans after we saw their Dance Performance on the streets. I’ve been constantly looking out for their new videos on Youtube ever since. After the girls debuted with “Tilt My Head” I honestly didn’t understand the hate people were giving. I really liked the song and thought it was really catchy with very simple and cute choreography (and OF COURSE the Smiley Microphones! ^^). I checked everyday on YesAsia to see whether their album is being sold or not before my friend told me that is just meant as Digital Release. =(
    As many of my classmates were very negative towards the girls, both my friend and I were kind of left out in many k-pop discussion. Yet, we both still loved the girls very much to care that we’re excluded. We love how well Jihae can rap, how pretty Jiin is, how perfect can Minah’s singing be, how beautiful Sojin’s voice can be and how powerful can Jisun’s dancing be.
    After the girls released a new Summer single “How Do I Look?”, many of my classmates turned into their fan as well. We were more than happy to include them in our little chats of Girl`s Day during classes. ^^ The song showed that the girls are strong through all the criticism and showed us, the fans another side of the girls.
    However, I was really taken by a shock when Jiin and Jisun decided to leave the group to pursue their individual ambition of acting and music. At that time, I knew that the group would never be the same again without the 2 shining personalities.
    Shortly after Yura and Hyeri was added to the group, I’d admit that I was a tiny bit skeptical of how well would they fit in the huge gap the former left behind. I continued to watch the girls on Bouquet and realized that both girls didn’t “replace” Jiin and Jisun and rather, they made me love them for who they are just as much as the former. I’ve always liked idols that are not afraid to be who they really are and that is exactly how the girls of Girl`s Day are; THEMSELVES.
    When they made a comeback with “Nothing Lasts Forever”, I knew that I will love the new formation of the group just as much as I loved the former formation.
    Each girl is special and I know that I will continue to love all 7 girls for many years more to come as a very VERY proud DIAMOND.
  8. [sorry forgot to add something in]
    Name/GDD Username:Uni/SuperTing18

    Twitter: @SuperTing18

    Reason: Honestly,Girl’s Day is my first girl fandom and i am very happy that i have got to know them. I was all excited about their debut and i had the chance of talking to them through twitter, knowing that they are a bunch of young, friendly, cute girls – just like my elder sisters. However i was really shocked at their live performance, seeing them breathless and all that. I was then reluctant to continue this fandom. After a few days, I read the news, saying that the girls cried and was very disappointed at themselves too. I then come to realise that they are just rookies, and also JADE THAT ARE YET TO BE POLISH. I place my trust in them once again and continued to support them. After so many things happened, including the departure of 2 members, JiIn and Jisun, I promised myself that i am going to support them even more to give them more strength. When they had their comeback with 2 new members, I knew this was the song. Songs that are good won’t let me be forced to like it. I love it naturally. The fact that the members especially Minah worked so hard on variety shows made my stand even stronger. I WILL NOT ABANDON THEM FOREVER. The girls have made my day a brighter one.
    I also created GirlsDaySingapore fanbase together with some GD fan ^_^
    (sorry it took so long to go the the main point) So I’ll be really thankful if i won the album and NOTHING but girl’s day will LAST and it will be FOREVER and ever.

  9. GDD: i_love_girlsday
    twitter: @haruhi2448
    The reason why i looooooooooove girls day so so so soooo much is because they are all very talented and cute and lovely girls! Even when they debuted with tilt my head i thought they were so amazing and even though many people didnt like them at first i was a true fan of them from the very begginging! :) girls day are the best and i will be a true fan of theirs FOREVER!♥ they all mean so much to me! even when jiin and jisun left i was so sad and wanted to cry..but i knew that they were happy with their decision so i accepted it and the new members have reli grown to me! :) i will love girls day no matter what happens! unlike many ppl i believed in them and knew from the very begginiing that they would be great and i was right because they were very successful with nothing lasts forever! ♥ i am very very very very proud to be a daimond!♥♥ whooot!!! girls day ftw!!!! =)
  10. Name/GDD Username: somi

    Twitter: somi2soo

    I could replace the 100 and even 1,000 reasons why I love Girl’s Day. I will write a few that I think are most important! *I mention the three reasons*
    The first reason is: I love the girls for their sense of humor and a frequent smiles on their faces. *although the group survived difficult times; Sojin, Jihae and MinAh still smiled. The group joined the two great, young and most importantly, smiling girls! Now I can’t imagine Girl’s Day without them!* :D
    Second reason is: all the girls are beautiful, sweet and most charming! I love to look at their pictures. I’m glad that the girls quite often on Twitter pasting pictures. *woah, I envy them that they are very pretty! :)))*
    Third reason is: determination, commitment and desire to be even better artist ~ This is what impresses me! show us that it is worth fighting for your dreams.

    I’m glad I joined a group of fans of Girl’s Day!

  11. Name/GDD Username: Kukay
    Twitter: xaesmaere
    Trust me you’re not the only person who has asked me that. I have a few friends who asked me “what’s so good about girl’s Day that they have surpassed other girl groups in your heart” No words can describe how much do I love these girls. For these past months I’ve been so exposed on them: watching every G’D video that comes out, reading all their tweet updates, working on whatever is related to them, and looking for possible ways to support them. But why? Why do I have to go in so much trouble for them?

    Well. Once upon a time, I read an article about Girl’s Day debut. I don’t really know them that time, but a lot of negatives were thrown at them, so I watched their debut stage to see it myself (intrigued). I didn’t love the song, but I didn’t hate it either. It’s likeable. After a few weeks, I saw them around youtube again with How Do I look. Thought of “hey new song!”, so I watched it and liked it. But still no one seems to turn their heads to them, despite that; I knew there’s something more bout’ them. So I watched over them from one song to another. Then taa-daa I see through them and knew their real talents.

    [**]My love for them didn’t come from pity but rather I was touched on how they want to prove themselves to people. (Which I’m glad that they have truly proven it now with Nothing Lasts Forever) On how passionate they are; on how they work hard to be good enough. There’s something about them that made them jump from 15th place to 3rd place of my favourite girlgroups. No sugar-talk but they’re just so irresistible. Once you go deeper into them, or once you get to know them better, you’ll love them more and more. Add the fact that they followed me back on twitter (Though I have no good tweets XD), felt so fulfilling — so kind to reach out to their fans. <3 Plus I love how yura thanked me when I showed her my yura sketch, dang’ my heart <3

    I was sad to see Jiin and Jisun go. But im also happy coz’ it’s for their own happiness and im happy for Yura and Hyeri joining the clan,. Girl’s Day still moving forward… yes yes Girl’s Day fighitng~
    [too long sorry ^^]

  12. Username:Reiki
    Reason:I just want to tell how i start to support Girls Day.Actually it starts not so long,for about 2 weeks only,indeed it is really a very short period.I actually not really care about this group at first during their first debut.On 19 Nov i watched their performance in Music Bank.I was really surprised,they sing very well.The feeling that appeared on me that time was i just like listening to the CD.i can say that it was a perfect performance:especially Sojin,although with the dancing,her voice still steady and nice.Min-ah high pitch is steady and other members are also work very hard on the stages.This is what i confirm and love for Girls Day:their spirit on every performances,to perform very good in each stage.This is what i want to share,it really from my heart bottom.I think Girls Day will become good,better and best.I will continue supporting Girls Day and look forward for their every performances.Fighting Girls Day!I can swear that i support and love Girls Day.
  13. Name/GDD Username: 9408lp

    Twitter: _lisapham

    Reason: Girl’s Day for me, are one of the most caring and strong-hearted girl groups around ^^… I was instantly a fan when I saw their promo videos on YouTube and was surprised to see such normal(?) looking girls having such amazing talents in dancing and singing! ^^ seeing Minah in her school uniform and then hearing the voice that came out of this school girl, very much what I am right now absolutely amazed me and made me want to clap hands in applause because seeing her so carefree with no props or lighting, just pure talent, made me look at her as a close friend rather than an idol, I totally wanted to give her a pat on the back ahah xD.

    And even more than that what they have become now, makes me feel honoured to be a fan of such an amazing group as Girl’s Day, because as we all can see clearly they love their fans as much as we love them, they appreciate our support and actually show it ^^ the way they care for us makes me love them even more.. Being an international fan and for them to follow me on twitter and reply to my comments just amaze me and I just cannot compliment them enough, I feel so touched to see that they spend their valuable free time in their busy schedule to follow their followers :) which probably takes hours >< as many idols do not. Girl’s Day is the first girl group I have followed and watched from the very start and I am proud to say I haven’t given up once on them as I’m sure most fans haven’t either, from their first debut with everyone criticizing them, to ‘How do I look’ and now, with their cool and powerful look in ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’ I’m happy that they can now shine without harsh words. They proved everyone wrong and totally powned all the haters xD which I am so proud of ^^ hehehe. I honestly was wary of ‘Tilt Your Head’ too but I still had it on replay and even now because it is damn catchy! :) Although my favourite is still their 2nd single, because honestly there’s no need for skimpy shorts or skirts, just pure talent and girl power which I think definitely defines this single well ^^~ Also for you guys at Girlsdaydaily, the ones that translate and update me with all the good stuff every minute it seems ^^ and for that I am truly thankful!~ Although re-reading this post it does not seem so, but I would consider myself a healthy fan of Girl’s Day even though I’m sounding pretty borderline obsessive right now >< hahahhaa. I do admit everytime I see an update on my iPod from your site I quickly run to my laptop to read it in a bigger screen xD do I get 2points for determination? kekeke

  • name/gdd username:sandra/andithinkitstru
    reason: i love girls day because they are a girl group that is still going strong without two of their original members. i honestly did not like their debut song when they first debutted with tilt my head, but i started liking them when they first starting appearing on mbc’s bouquet. their abilities in singing, dancing, acting, and variety astounded me and made me instantly become a fan of them.

    i also love girls day because they all have twitters to connect with their fans. unlike most newbie idol groups, or even veteran and popular idol groups, many of them don’t create twitters. girl’s day always replies to as many messages they can each day to their fans, while they spam me (though i don’t really mind) by typing their replies with their fans messages.

    their second single “nothing lasts forever” is what really drew me in. minah’s high notes were amazing and i felt like the two new members hyeri and yuna fit in well. their ability to do the splits with high heels and leather pants also amazed me. i wish i was as talented and flexible as them! i also love how even though jihae had developed an allergy prior to their comeback stage, she still went and performed donning only a pair of sunglasses to cover it. This proves how much the girls strive for perfection and I am truly amazed.

    Thank you for this fabulous opportunity to win an autographed cd and hosting this site to provide us with news on what’s happening to the girls. :) (and also for letting me resubmit my entry) <3

  • Name/GDD Username: Airene/airenexlee

    Twitter: @teochi


    First of all, Girls’ Day is very much different from others. They have that unique features that any other girl groups don’t have. They gained much interest because of the uniqueness of each members. At first I’m already contented with all five of them (with Jisun & Jiin) and when they replaced the two I’m kind of worried. Only to find out that they got better than ever. Everyone’s vocals boosted up up to 200%. That’s why I’m so proud of these girls. They never give up and since they’re too friendly and humble, the only way for them is to the top.

  • name/gdd username: Eliza/myonlywish
    twitter: @_moonleader
    reason: wow, they’re simply too many reasons as to why I love Girls Day actually. :/ i’ve been a huge Girl’s Day fan since predebut and stuck with them throughout. ever since the first time I watched their flashmobs and sojin and minah’s solos when they were released, i felt extremely attracted to them. they were so talented and full of energy. I was there when 5GirlsDay first started out and I became really active on that forum because I felt the need for these girls to be more known and loved by many others and also because of my strong attachment to them. I remember crying (it’s the real truth..) when I heard that members, Jiin and Jisun were leaving the group to pursue their own careers. Jiin with her ultimate uljjang face and Jisun with her lovely dance moves and vocals <3 I miss them so much D: it was hard for me to accept Hyeri and Yura at the beginning, to be honest. I didn't want to like them because I still couldn't accept the fact that Jisun and Jiin, 2 bubbly members of Girl's Day were leaving. but wow, Yura and Hyeri, with their gorgeous faces and talents, it didn't take long for me to love them like how I loved the other members. I have never loved any other girl group as much as how much I loved Girl's Day before. Sojin, the leader with shining eyes and beautiful vocals, Jihae, the gorgeous, innocent (hahaha *recalls moments on star golden bell* xD), and sexy rapper, bbang! Minah, the ex-maknae with amazing husky vocals and lovely eyesmile, Yura, the uljjang selca queen of the group and our now maknae, Hyeri, with the gorgeous look and big, sparkling eyes that captures everyone's attention <3 and of course our dearly missed Jiin and Jisun <3 these 7 amazing talented girls whom I really love. my love for Girl's Day is undying and will definitely last forever. hope these lovely girls would be loved more by others. I really like the positive attention they're receiving after their latest comeback with Nothing Lasts Forever. I also hope that these fans who now know about Girl's Day would stick with them throughout and constantly shower them with our, Diamond's love <3 I'm also one of GirlsDaySG's admins, hoping to spread more love all around Singapore ^^ hope we'll be as successful as GDD one day! ^__^ God bless to anyone reading this and good luck to the other participants! ^^

    I'd like to thank GDD for holding a contest like this, giving us a chance to win something so huge, autographed albums!!!! (hehe, I go crazy at the thought xD) and yes, thank you for the updates you give us everyday! I don't know where I'd be without you guys! <3

    hope I'll be one of the lucky winners of the albums! /fingers crossed ^^

    p/s hey Achel and Tammy! it's me, Eliza! x) hahaha sorry for being really draggy x) your eyes must hurt from reading so much xD rest loads and stay healthy! love you guys <3

  • Name/GDD Username: Tiffany/fany_taeng
    Twitter: @fany_taeng
    Reason: I love Girl’s Day! They’re all so talented and amazing~!!! I want to support them every way possible because their music means a lot to me. They make me happy, they make me smile and I think all 5 of them are so beautiful inside and out. ♥♥♥
  • Name/GDD Username: emmyjapanophile

    Twitter: @HoffiSiocled

    Girls day make my every day great. I live in the middle of nowhere with very few friends and very lttle contact with people who don’t live in my village or go to school with me. Even on the days when I feel lonely, wandering around the mountains or doing work in the garden, putting on Girls day cheers me up immensely. Their all fantastic singers, great dancers and wonderful personalities and my one upset is that I find it difficult to support the girls…
    I would love to own their CD and play it on repeat… because I love the girls so much.
    I love Girlsdaydaily because you are direct contact with the girls. =) The subbing team is fantastic and uber quick! I love you guys, you do such an amazing thing for us non-korean speakers and I promise if my Korean ever becones good enough I will help you guys out.
    Thank you!
    Emmy x (http://emmyjapanophile.blogspot.com)

  • Name/GDD Username:


    I love Girl’s Day because they dance sexily without looking gross. They carry themselves elegantly. I’m amazed!

  • name: chi
    twitter: SoJihYoung9


    I have lots of reasons to love Girls Day. But maybe I can’t specify it one by one. So I’ll just state what comes to my mind when I type this. The first impression was not really that great. Though I became a fan of them since “Tilt My Head” days. Because there’s something with them that I cannot explain, I felt that there was something about them that is special. And I love the fact that they always give their best in whatever task that is given to them. They are not afraid to show who are they and what are their capabilities. Eventhough they are busy, they don’t forget their fans. They don’t forget to say thank you to their fans. They communicate with us. They are open with suggestions and criticisms. They don’t back down in any fight. They face it with confidence.

    I love Sojin because she makes my day happy. By just thinking of her I become inspired to do my tasks everyday.

    I love Jihae because of her charisma. Her charm shows confidence.

    I love Hyeri because eventhough she is the maknae of the group. She doesn’t show any bratness. She seems mature for her age.

    I love Yura because eventhough she is a new member She gives her best in whatever she is doing.

    I love Minah because she’s not just a pretty face but she’s also talented. And her voice? WOW! extraordinary! superb!

  • user: pwmagee

    twitter: @pwmagee125

    I am a man of few words:

    #1 – Park SOJIN
    #2 – Black Underwear

    Thank YOU

  • Name/GDD Username: lorlucy

    Twitter: cassiopeia_05

    Reason: I love Girl’s day before they debuted. Their flash mobs and their sneak peak videos. I saw them with lots of potential in the music industry. With so many girl groups coming out at the moment Girl’s day really caught my eye and had me waiting for their debut and I think they were the only one this year that I must have really like and supported. I wasn’t disappointed with Tilt my Head because I saw this as part of a hardship an idol/idol group has to face. I liked the song though). Those who take the easy path of becoming popular right away because of some other reason other than talent doesn’t appeal to me much if they don’t have some hardship in their career, other than scandals. (I know, weird. That’s just me.) Each new members are welcomed and the old members are going to missed and loved also. Even though I’ve been into Korean pop for a while now I don’t really have a girl group that I would really stick to like I do with the boy groups. Although I have a feeling that Girl’s Day just might be it but they have another rival. I love how they connect with their fans on twitter, although they don’t speak other languages they do try to respond back which is really sweet. Plus they follow you back, it makes you feel special (even though they do follow everyone who follows them). There’s a lot of things to ramble on about loving Girl’s day and these are only some of it, so this will be it. =)

  • name/gdd username: Amay/maychul
    twitter: @Amaays
    reason: I love girl’s day before their debut. My friend asked me if I know Jihae from Girl’s day. And when I said I don’t know, she told me everything. And I found their twitter (the teaser come out that day too!) I started to like and know them one by one. And Jiin succeded become my first bias! But I love the others as well! And my friend told me about their intl forum. And I tweeted to Minah and Sojin and they replied me \o// I was so happyyyyyyyyyy~ tho it wasn’t Jiin, lolz. I think they were sooo kind to replies almost all their fans, even when they were busy because they had to practice. And when the special video for every members come out. I amazed with Minah and Sojin’s strong vocal. Since then I knew that they would be very big someday! And that’s how I become a fan. I kept looking for them, I was anticipating for their debut. When ‘How Do I look’ was out, I started to recognize their voices one by one. And I’m glaaaaad to know that they got more than a beauty and young ages, they got talents. Much much talents, and also they’re kind to their fans. They’re care about us, the fans :’) Minah and Sojin’s voices kjhfgsadas Jihae’s Raps. And Jisun adlibs + Jiin’s voice and dance!! omgomg They’d be the most perfect group that debuted in 2010. And I watched Bouquet, I love them more and moreeee! They’re hilarious and cute, and dorks lulz. So, I love them because of their talents, their attitude, their personality, their face. They’re perfect! Hope they’ll get more success! I never said this before, imo They’re the b.e.s.t. rookie group along with SISTAR! I love Yura and Hyeri too! But I still don’t know much about them, so yeaaah. Looking forward for it!
  • name/gdd username: rianna/hellorianna
    twitter: hellorianna
    reason: cause i’m a fan of girl’s and i really want this album.. i discovered how awesome they are during their nothing lasts forever promotion.. yes! just recently.. cause i watched their mr removed perfs.. they’re really talented.. better than most of the groups tbh.. and after that i watched vids of them in youtube and minah’s kkap dance made me L O L.. :)) i hope i win this album cause i really want it :) thanks for this opportunity :)
  • Name/GDD Username: Joey / joey_icecream
    Reason:I knew them through a friend of mine.She always get replies from the girls so I was curious and followed them (when Jisun & Jiin were still in the group) on Twitter days before they debut.I searched Youtube for their videos & found when they show their talent on the street.I ask my friend what song do they have and she introduced me ‘Tilt my head’.I tried to recognize the girls & my friend also did tell me which member is who.That day,the girls followed me back and I was kinda shock.Then I start to watch shows they’re in like ‘Bouquet’.I watch Bouquet weekly now just to see them.And once I know which show they’re on,I’ll immediately search it and watch it even it’s without subs!And yeah,they debut like 2months something then Jiin & Jisun left the group cause some personal reasons ): When I knew that,I was like ‘Aww it’s the first time I like a girl group from they debut till now and 2 of them are going to quit!?’ After that,I saw news that say there will be two new members to replace and I went to check their profile and things.The new members were Yura & Hyeri :) I followed them on Twitter at the first day they had Twitter account & they followed back too!I tried to accept them & tweet them in Korean.Who knows the next day Hyeri replied me! I was like ‘OMG’ & really happy!It’s the first time a celebrity reply me.That day on,I learn Korean by myself and start to tweet the members often.I left tweets for Yura & she reply EVERY SINGLE tweet I tweet her!That day,I feel that I spammed the girls & I tell myself not to SPAM them ever!I really really like them and I even infect my sister to like them too!The girls are pure,kind,friendly & talented !They always share their selcas for diamonds (: Oh and their manager’s friendly too ^___^ I hope that more people would know them ^^ ( I’m promoting them in my school too ^^ )

    Thanks to Achel & Tammy for always giving out Girl’s day goodies for us.Thanks for the subbing always ! Guess what? I view girlsdaydaily whenever I online :D
    (Actually the friend who introduce Girl’s day to me is Eliza! Thanks to her !)

  • Name/GDD Username: Joey / joey_icecream
    Reason:I knew them through a friend of mine.She always get replies from the girls so I was curious and followed them (when Jisun & Jiin were still in the group) on Twitter days before they debut.I searched Youtube for their videos & found when they show their talent on the street.I ask my friend what song do they have and she introduced me ‘Tilt my head’.I tried to recognize the girls & my friend also did tell me which member is who.That day,the girls followed me back and I was kinda shock.Then I start to watch shows they’re in like ‘Bouquet’.I watch Bouquet weekly now just to see them.And once I know which show they’re on,I’ll immediately search it and watch it even it’s without subs!And yeah,they debut like 2months something then Jiin & Jisun left the group cause some personal reasons ): When I knew that,I was like ‘Aww it’s the first time I like a girl group from they debut till now and 2 of them are going to quit!?’ After that,I saw news that say there will be two new members to replace and I went to check their profile and things.The new members were Yura & Hyeri :) I followed them on Twitter at the first day they had Twitter account & they followed back too!I tried to accept them & tweet them in Korean.Who knows the next day Hyeri replied me! I was like ‘OMG’ & really happy!It’s the first time a celebrity reply me.That day on,I learn Korean by myself and start to tweet the members often.I left tweets for Yura & she reply EVERY SINGLE tweet I tweet her!That day,I feel that I spammed the girls & I tell myself not to SPAM them ever!I really really like them and I even infect my sister to like them too!The girls are pure,kind,friendly & talented !They always share their selcas for diamonds (: Oh and their manager’s friendly too ^___^ I hope that more people would know them ^^ ( I’m promoting them in my school too ^^ )

    Thanks to Achel & Tammy for always giving out Girl’s day goodies for us.Thanks for the subbing always ! Guess what? I view girlsdaydaily whenever I online :D
    (Actually the friend who introduce Girl’s day to me is Eliza! Thanks to her !)
    Sorry for typing so much!

  • Name/GDD Username: Mira/Ashihana
    Twitter: @Ashihana
    Reason: I started to know Girl’s Day when I watched the Flash Mob video on youtube.Their dance at that time fascinated me with the new style of promoting on the streets.They done very well at that time.At first when I watch the Girls Debut song ‘Tilt My Head’,I really enjoyed it since it remembered me to the senior singers in Kpop,Banana Girl.They are disappearing now and I was so happy that Girls Day bring the music back.The song was so cute and I even keep a copy of the video myself to watch it few times and learn the dance.As I remember to their song,it keeps remembering me on the memory which I first know kpop in my 15.Unfortunately after that,I’ve heard some disappointing message that their debut was a fail.It was really break my hearts as I just started to like them.I really want to erased all this untrue messages but nothing I can do to change people’s taste.Then I heard about Jiin and Jisun left the group.Again,I’m heartbroken.That time,I just hoping that Girls day won’t break up.However,the new comeback song from Girls Day plus the new member Hyeri and Yura really give me a new hope.Although the new song is slightly different from their debut song,the new music,style and concept are really good!They make a bigger change to entrust people to believe them that they have such talent!The music video is really western-like from my opinion and that’s great!I love to see all the messages saying that Girls day make a fierce comeback!And some saying that they will become a great competitors to other girl groups!I was really happy when I read all those nice messages.Girls day prove that they can do it better than before.They work really hard for this and I was thankful.Now,everyone is admiring them as I do.My love for them just getting bigger and bigger and I’m hoping that Girls Day will broaden their talent and became the toughest Korean girl group ever!Continue this great music as I never stop to support you guys.I was very glad when they following all the fans on twitter.They are a nice artists which other wouldn’t do the same.Hope we can converse anytime and I tried to learn some Koreans to tweet to you guys whenever I’m online.All the best and good luck!I will be there to keep rooting on you guys on whatever you do in the future!Girls day hwaiting!You can do it!

    Finally,thanks to Girldaydaily for having such a great giveaway.I just hoping to keep this album with the great signatures in it!You guys too work hard to keep this forum alive!Many thanks!Love from me,Ashihana.

  • Name/GDD Username: Vendela/Chokochoko

    Twitter: Cubewhore

    Reason: Girl’s day was one of the groups that actually made me a true kpop before them i was a fan of beast and 4minute but i wasn’t really into anything else (my sister was though) so i watch their comeback perf and i’m amazed about the joy they seem to just have when they perform and i really liked the song too (yes i’m one of the few xD) so i tried to search up everything i could about them and i always wanted to learn more about them. so after one day i knew all of their names and such (which was a first, seeing as i’m bad with faces and names) and was spazzing about them with my friends although my friends thought i was a little weird and so xD. so I Love them because they made me appreciate all kind of kpop and they really help me a lot in my life too, their songs makes me feel better when i listen to them. when i’m feeling sad i listen to them when i’m feeling happy i listen to them and so on. I also love them for their personalities and their strong dancing (the flash mobs were fierce keke) but most of all i love all of their flaws and everytime i see them do better at singing or dancing my heart just aches and i feel like crying. I actually did cry when they had their comeback and I saw the positive feedback they got, it made me so proud to see other ppl recognizing them for what they are… Amazing. I might not be the best Diamond out there but i try and even if i’m not always showing it i will always love GD and everything about them. Lol also i was really happy when they followed me back on twitter i mean they do that to evetyone which is another thing to love about them they recognize their fans and they even think about us international fans, maybe they will be the first group to have a concert or showcase in Europe (lol unrealistic dreams FTW) so easy to say i love Girl’s day a lot keke~~

    this giveaway will be awesome even if i don’t get it i’ll still be happy for the person who did win it since that means another diamond like me got something that they will treasure forever. bye bye :D

  • Name/GDD Username: Kara / woojji
    Twitter: mekiemouse
    Reason: why do i love girl’s day? i’ll try not to make this long haha. i think falling for girl’s day is pretty inevitable if you take the chance to get to know them. i’ve followed them ever since predebut and will continue to do so. i found out about girl’s day through the boss / xing members. i guess jihae’s friends with them. i checked her twitter out and researched girl’s day on korean sites. i thought they were cute so i paid attention to them. the flash mob vids came out and i knew right then and there that i loved them. they had talent and lots of it. their dancing was smooth and precise and their synchronization impressed me ‘cuz it’s not everyday that you see a group that’s so on point with each other. more videos came such as minah’s singing, sojin’s singing, and their intro vids. i already knew they can dance so hearing minah sing, i was even more impressed. what really blew me away was sojin’s cover of umbrella. her voice was so unique. it had a different tone and it was pretty strong, and i was just mesmerized.
    i continued to support them through their shaky debut with negative comments flying here and there. their first lives weren’t the best i admit and i see why some people were iffy about girl’s day but i knew they had the talent and they’re just gonna get better so i kept rooting for them and i tried to get people to see that too. girl’s day started having more appearances and videos and i fell in love with their personalities too. they were refreshing. they didn’t always wear makeup, they always looked like they were having fun, they work so hard and still they would always look for improvement. there wasn’t anything i disliked about them. i love every single one of the girls; sojin, jihae, jisun, jiin, and minah.
    now that jisun and jiin have left due to personal reasons, we have ahyoung (or yura) and hyeri. i was kind of hesitant of the new members at first but i’m content. there’s a reason that they were the ones chosen to replace the other two, so i trust dreamtea’s judgement. i haven’t really been able to get to know the two but they’re great on stage and the other girls seem to love them so i’m pretty sure i’m going to like them too. a lot more people are turning into girl’s day fans now that they’re promoting ‘nothing lasts forever’ and it really makes me happy. i want to share my love for girl’s day with everyone.
    the other things i like about girl’s day is how much effort they put into connecting with the fans. they have twitters where they actually respond to fans, they visit forums, they even take time to always check girl’s day daily! it means so much to us fans and to me. i have very limited korean so i try my best to learn more so i can talk to them but they also put effort into learning conversational english to talk with international fans and it just makes me feel so important to them. i don’t think i’ve ever put in so much dedication and just, love, to one girl group.
    i have a lot more reasons why i love girl’s day but this is long enough as it is already and i can’t quite word it right haha. thank you achel and tammy for this great giveaway and for all your hard work on girl’s day daily! let’s continue loving and supporting girl’s day together ♥
  • Name/GDD Username:alyballeza


    Reason: Honestly, I’m a new fan of Girls Day, but when I heard their new song (Nothing last forever) I start searching about them, and I found them cute and charismatic.
    The way they sing is really amazing and I feel that they are going to be one of the best girl groups in korea. Even when they are underrated I can feel their power and enthusiasm
    Even when I like other groups and I find a lot of Giveaway, I never entered in a contest.
    In my country the kpop isn’t known so there is no place here for purchase a CD like this, so I never had one kpop CD, I wish this could be the first one =)

  • Name/GDD Username: dean/azzuddinwahap

    Twitter: gettinjinki

    Reason: i have been a fan of girl’s day for a very long time now, ever since pre-debut especially their mob-style dancing in the streets and minah’s guerilla performances, we get to see how persevering and passionate they are about what they’re doing, and they really do deserve the title of hardworking idols. although their debut stage was relatively weak, i loved tilt my head (and the rest of their mini, control ♥), and it honestly only got better from there, especially with how do i look. nothing lasts forever was amazing, and it’s saddening to see how underrated they currently are. the girls are also all very different too, as much as i liked jiin and jisun, i am loving the addition of hyeri and yura as they bring a whole new dynamic to the group making them much more charismatic and outgoing. their stages are always energetic and even though i know they must tired, i never notice it on stage as they smile so brightly. to wrap this up, girl’s day are an inspiration, proving that with amazing vocals, genuine talent and hard work, anything is possible.

  • Name/GDD Username: maya/yurchiri
    Twitter: yoongabs
    Reason: I’ve followed them since their pre-debut days. Actually, to be honest, I don’t really follow rookie girl groups these days, lol. But after I saw their pre-debut flash mob video, I was amazed by their talents. In my opinions, they’re somehow different from the other rookie girl groups so that’s why I decided to follow them and search more about them through various sites. Until I found their twitters, (and I tweeted them good luck lol) and what surprises me it’s when each of them replied me on twitter and said they’ll work hard for their debut stage. I think it’s very nice of them to reply fans since they’re pretty busy preparing for their debut stage. They made me really happy. Also each member has its own personality and specialty and I think that what makes girl’s day even more unique. Now that they’ve came back with their latest single Nothing Last Forever, they improved soooo much I was so surprised, like, they’ve received so many negative comments from their debut stage, but instead of falling from those comments, they stood up and they proved to everybody that they can shine. It’s like as if they broke the statement “It’s impossible to do this, It’s impossible to do that…” Even with changes of new members, and new concept they still can show to people that they still can rock. On the comeback stage, they totally owned the stage, like, even the netizens went all “:ooooo! They’ve improved so much!” haha ♥ they even got a new nickname now, right? The twisted-dol? <3 Basically, Girl's Day makes me a happy fangirl, lol. Also they inspired me so much; to learn from the past and believe that we will shine someday. Thank you girl's Day for being my inspiration. Keep on shining, and everyday's a girl's day!
  • Name/GDD Username: taehee_nim

    Twitter: taehee_nim

    Reason: i started to love girl’s day when minah eonnie replied my tweets. it was the best day of my life! they debuted with a very cute and catchy song, ’tilt my head’.. i love to dance around and get groovy with the song. it’s very fun and cheerful! ^^ and the first time i watched them being interviewed was in Live Power Music. they are so friendly and cheerful!i started to love them more!actually Girl’s Day is the first girl group i really adore!! ^-^ once i downloaded their new song, ‘Nothing Last Forever’ , i listen to it everyday because it really brightened up my day!! minah eonnie’s big voice is sexy! kkkk although jisun n jiin left the group, which made me feel sad.. but no doubt hyeri and yura are awesome.. they proved their talent in their comeback with ‘nothing last forever’ ..
    and i really appreciate all your kindness for giving us opportunity to own the very limited album from our favourite girl band.. i really hope to own this since i can’t seem to find this album in my country, which is a sad news for me. thanks a lot. and i will continue to love and support Girl’s Day forever. GIRL’S DAY HWAITING! ^-^

  • Name/GDD Username: Pitichay/Chaynnie1601
    Twitter: Chaynnie1601
    Reason: I Love Girl’s Day ! Girl’s Day is my favourite girls band. I’ve followed them since their pre-debut activities. During the promotion of the song ‘Tilt My Head’ many people disliked Girl’s Day but I have to appreciate the song. (I find it too cute.) As I love the song, I was looking for a online shop to buy their first album but I learned that their first album will be sold anywhere. (I was sad TT^TT.) My favorite Girl’s Day member is Min Ah because she is very very talented. I love her voice (She is the best female korean singer for me because she has a GORGEOUS VOICE either in Korean or English ♥.) and is also very funny. (haha) Anyway, I also like all the Girl’s day member. They are all talented.
    When I learned that Ji In and Ji Sun left the group, I was shocked and sad. (I wonder what would become of Girl’s Day…)
    I was so happy when I learned that Girl’s Day did not dissolve and there would be 2 new members.
    Their comeback with new title song ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’ is just gorgeous ! this song made me love Girl’s Day even more than I liked her already. So since I did not find the first album, I look on the website where to buy the second album but I could not buy the album because it was on sale anywhere TT^TT.
    I have no Girl’s Day goodies but I want lots ♥
    And there I see what, girlsdaydaily.com have 2 CDs to giveaway for the best reason for loving Girl’s Day.
    i really appreciate all your kindness for giving us opportunity to own the very limited album from our favourite girls band… i really hope to own this since i can’t seem to find this album anywhere !
    Thank You girlsdaydaily to give us a chance to win this !
    I Will continue to Love and Support Girl’s Day Forever ♥
    Girl’s Day Fighting ! I hope you win many K-chart in the future and you become increasingly popular ♥
  • name: Ed Leary
    gdd username: edlovesgirlsday
    Twitter: EdlovesGirlsday

    Reason: The reason why I love Girl’s Day so much is undescribable! i love them for soooo many things. I loved them since the beginning of tilt my head. i always listen to that song once a day it already has over 200 plays lol before girl’s day i was truly inlove with kara, wondergirls and other kpop groups but girls day really stood out to me the most. I was addicted and in love the moment i saw them tilt their heads. their song how do i look practicaly stole my heart away as well. they are just so talented in everything they do. I made girls day a huge part of my life through out these last few months. when ever it is a rainy day out i always listen to how do i look to cheer me up and i like to sing along and pretend im there in the music video running in the rain. i even used the title nothing lasts on a quote for my college essay ( i got a 98% on that grade) I spoke about how girl’s day was a very imressionable positive group because they encourage me to always do my best and try the impossible and show my talents to everyone just like they do. My favorite member was originally Jisun and the day she left the group i was very upset i thought there would be no more girls day and i would be so sad without them today. i was so happy though when i saw girls day yura and hyeri. i immediately fell in love with them as well and knew they would do so much for the group. I followed them and wrote to them everyday and Yura wrote back to me. the day i saw that tweet from yura i screamed and screamed i told all my friends and faimly and now everyone knows im in love with girls day and they know who they are because of that. I tweet yura alot and she always writes back and even on her birthday i made her a pie and took a picture of me with it as a gift and sent it to her an she replied that it was so nice and gave her the great strength to do her best. i was so happy to know i helped yura and i wanted her to know how much i love her and appreciate how hard they work for not only me but the world. they are a group with goals, they said they want to be international role models and set positive examples and be looked up to and i think they are already doing just that. I always look up to girls day and im proud to be a daimond. Im extra happy because i was born in april and my birthstone is a daimond! YAY! i really hope i can win the one of a kind cd of girls day! its the only true thing i want for christmas and i will do anything i can to win. i hope my reason is good enough to win and i hope my beloved girls day knows that them seeing this is enough happiness to me. i am glad to know they know how i feel and that i am there number 1 fan ..or maybe 2 compared to girlsdaydaily lol! well I love girls day and i hope you really consider me to win this amazing album to cherish for a life time. i would never ever sell it and it will always be by my side! i already made a spot for it in my room! well good luck to everyone! and best wishes to girls day! happy holidays girlsday FIGHTING!!! 당신을 사랑합니다♥

  • Name/GDD Username: Micha/michinsaram

    Twitter: @TGMich

    Reason: well at first I thought that the song ‘Tilt My Head’ was kind of annoying -.- but whoa karma got me bad cus a few weeks later I found myself tilting my head and dance the mic spin everytime I hear the song 8D it grew on my so much! and then I heard their new song ‘How Do I Look’ I immediately fell in love with them. they have great voices and very pretty looking and I found myself addicted with Jihae’s raps teehee.
    and then I started to watch Bouquet. at first I wanted to watch it because of the news that Sungmin picked Minah as his ideal type there. I started getting curious on Minah and when I watched whoa she’s a wild cat! XD I started having fun watching Bouquet so I decided to watch every episode~ I don’t know why but I always feel giddy whenever Girl’s Day got a chance to talk I could see more of them! slowly I got introduced to the members one by one and started to love them so much because they always show their real self and gather the courage to do the unthinkable (ex: Minah’s Change dance and Sojin’s monkey imitation xD)
    and then I got very sad when I heard the news of Jiin and Jisun leaving. I felt a rock was hitting me. I just started loving them especially Jiin’s sweet look and Jisun’s melodious vocals I never think that they’d left :(
    Then the new members were announced. Yura and Hyeri. At first I still couldn’t judge them because I still don’t know how they look and what are their talents.
    but once again Bouquet had been my door to knowing Girl’s Day. Yura captured me when she was doing the constant jumping for several minutes and still looking so bright! I swear her charms are off the roof even sweating she still looked gorgeous~ and Hyeri oh Hyeri didn’t bother hiding herself she flails so much and her whining voice is so adorable to my ears and eyes XD

    when Nothing Lasts Forever came out I got super excited because I’ve been waiting for a new song with the new members and see how the 5 would look like in the new song. and ohmygosh I was stunned. the song the charisma the outfits. everything about them from the MV blew me away. For several days I couldn’t stop watching the MV (heck I didn’t even bother watching Hoot :P) because it was just that amazing~
    and yes I am glad the song is gaining much love from both k-fans and international fans :D
    I still don’t know much of them (it will take time and progress for me to register and remember every single detail the girls did/said/thought but as far as I’ve known them, I know they are talented girls that is dreaming for something big and being the best. and they will make it. I know it. :)

  • Girl’s Day,from the very first album’Girl’s Day Party #1′,the voice of Girls had touched my heart..especially Minah,민아..the cute and charming innocent girl..(the same age as me)13/5/1993,im 14/4/1993!!–as time passed,the girls improve in many ways,they outshine their peers and now,their effort was rewarded handsomely,capturing the audience captive attention with their impressible ‘nothing last forever’,I knew they would succeed in the road of becoming STAR(shining just like star at the edge of galaxy and yet,their light shines till the earth)!!The agony of hiding my joy behind their success was nearly unbearable!!accompanying them through their journey,there’s something..just something,some feelings that word can’t even describe..Y.Y,their success is indeed a pride which was a heartcomforting prize not only for the girls,but also to the fans..including me,those who watched them since their first debut..an unfamiliar girl group which has written their history by giving their hardworking attitude which is the main thing..the main spirit,and with these spirit,they have no doubt to be the toughest group..in my opinion,as to withstand the strong competition in their korean pop industry..Girl’s Day..당신은 영원히 사랑,Love you all forever~
  • Name/GDD Username:Victor


    Reason:(sorry,din watch those condition just now,i just type what i feel towards them..)당신은 영원히 사랑 Girl’s Day!!Girl’s Day,from the very first album’Girl’s Day Party #1′,the voice of Girls had touched my heart..especially Minah,민아..the cute and charming innocent girl..(the same age as me)13/5/1993,im 14/4/1993!!–as time passed,the girls improve in many ways,they outshine their peers and now,their effort was rewarded handsomely,capturing the audience captive attention with their impressible ‘nothing last forever’,I knew they would succeed in the road of becoming STAR(shining just like star at the edge of galaxy and yet,their light shines till the earth)!!The agony of hiding my joy behind their success was nearly unbearable!!accompanying them through their journey,there’s something..just something,some feelings that word can’t even describe..Y.Y,their success is indeed a pride which was a heartcomforting prize not only for the girls,but also to the fans..including me,those who watched them since their first debut..an unfamiliar girl group which has written their history by giving their hardworking attitude which is the main thing..the main spirit,and with these spirit,they have no doubt to be the toughest group..in my opinion,as to withstand the strong competition in their korean pop industry..

  • Name/GDD Username: Paul/SooGooZzy

    Well after being into Kpop for a long time i heard rumours of there going to be an influx of girl groups hitting the charts. Obviously i was interested to see who or what these groups were.

    After coming across the obvious ones i heard about Girls day and sought out more info about them. I spotted the flash mob vids and liked what i saw. Unfortunately their debut didnt go to well but after a couple of setbacks they picked themselves up and dusted themselves off and got back to work releasing a brilliant song in my mind.

    Hopefully we will see more of them.

    To me the work ethic of the girls is an inspiration never backing down always pushing. I am now more familiar with the group and im sure i will grow along side them and support them through the good and the bad times that are still ahead of them.

    Girls Day Fighting!!!

  • Name/GDD Username: matthew/mattoro
    Twitter: @matthewpanda

    Well, I heard about Girl’s Day through a friend and it was their debut song. My first impression of these wonderful girls was that they were all cute and they had some talent! I watched when they danced to Poker Face before their debut and I definitely knew they were great dancers. Once I heard how they were going to release another song, I was excited because I was sure they were going to have great success in the music industry. And they did awesome and it’s my favorite song now! Great vocals and great dancing. To me they were one of the hardest working groups this year in K-POP.

    Girl’s Day fighting!!

  • Name/GDD Username: Heidi / cloudprincex3
    Twitter: @yesungiee_lover

    before they debuted, i got quite excited because they were already interacting with their fans, having twitter accounts and replying their mentions.

    for the first song, i got disappointed because i didn’t get to hear their vocals, but i knew they were really good singers because i watched their dancing, and singing on their youtube channel.

    the next song, i was really happy they released the song, because the mv itself was really cheerful, and their voices were sweet and casual, natural. it feels like they were relaxed, and not forcing themselfs.

    the best song, in my opinion, was nothing lasts forever. their dancing was just eye-catching, and the song they chose let them show off their vocal abilities well, in some parts it was very low, and some parts were high. especially the part where it was obvious that minah has amazing breathing skills, and the note was beyond awesome ;D

  • name/gdd username: Quejay/QJ
    Twitter: @Qiljae
    Reason: When The girls day were debut, i totally ignored them and i dont like this group. But when their second single were out that is nothing last forever, my friends recommend me this song and the song is so addictive and because of that i become one of their fans.. And i was surprise that their voice are so good, escpecially Minah and Sojin..

    And now i like to watch bouquet because of them keke~ especially when minah doing hyuna’s change dance that is so funny~ So Girls Day hwaiting!!!

  • name: Jenny/jingaling
    twitter: soonstars
    reason: why I love girl’s day? First time, I saw them, I fell in love with their pretty faces. But when the video of Minah and Sojin covers released, I started to like them more because of their talent<3 And when the girls debut, I can't help but feel so amazed. Tho, the song wasn't that good, they could sing it perfectly. And their dances wasn't that bad at all, even we can call that they're very good for a rookie :)) And then Summer Special Track was released. And I can't control myself, once I watch the video, I download it, and search for the mp3 of the song. Jisun's adlibs at How Do I Look, is such a great great proof that they're full of talents \o// And Their voices are sooooo jfhjdhasjra can I mention it again? They're very good for a rookie. They only need more shines. And when Nothing Lasts Forever released, I was like hjsgferyadas Minah's Highnoteeeeeeeees! And the two new members~ Omg….. I forgot to mention Jihae's Rap is so adorable, kay. Maybe they're not the best group, maybe they're not the best rookie this year. But they really have some important place in my heart. I don't really like rookie since I don't really follow kpop this year, but they're the only exception. Their talents, their looks. And they are very hilarious on variety shows! I watch Bouquet episode with them and I love them more and more^^ So yeah, I love their everything, since they mean everything for my kpop life u__u
  • Name/GDD Username: Lilyen
    Twitter: @LyAen
    Reason: I have become a fan of Girl’s Day a long time ago. They are a part of my everyday life and I do not know how I could describe it to you in just one sentence. Every member means a lot to me and I know that I can not reach them. Falling during trying choreography and pretending that I am like one of them is so ridiculous, but being Girl’s Day fan is enough for me. Listen to their songs, watch their videos and always give them a support makes me happy because they make me happy. Girl’s Day inspires me and my love is the answer.


    I would like to win their CD because I live in the country where is impossible to get it. I will appreciate it. Thank you! ^_^

  • Post a comment including;
    Name/GDD Username: Susi
    Reason: The first time I saw them was on the show Bouquet and the only reason I watched it was because I saw 4minute was there and I’m a very big fan of them. I didn’t know who girls day was then. I’m still very new to k-pop so I didn’t know they had already debuted. I was curious but by looking at the negative comments I didn’t have much hope that they’d be good. Nevertheless I typed girls day tilt in youtube and their mv came up, and honestly I hated the MV and the concept. I didn’t like the look that their company was given them at all. I still continued to watch Bouquet and honestly even though i didnt like their song they were very down to earth sweet girls who were trying their best to have successful debut and show off their skills.
    Then the song nothing lasts forever came out. I’m a Sone so while I was waiting for hours for the hoot mv to come out I saw that girls day had released a new mv. And I was blown away <3 the song was amazing and their concept was a million times better. I ended up listening to nothing lasts forever more times than hoot and its the 4th most listened to song on my iPod with over 200 plays. After that song girls day most definitely had a new true fan. I love them so much now as amazing people and now for their music as well. And their are truly talented no more auto tune I hope in the future because they all have amazing voices and Minah's note towards the end of nothing lasts gives me goosebumps. I was even more happy to know that all of them had twitters to I followed all of them. I can't wait for them to put out more amazing songs and show off their talents because they have a lot more to show then what people including me took from their debut song. I feel like they have proved that their are a definite contender to become one of the more popular girl groups. I would love to win this cd 1st because this is Girls Day <3 and second because honestly it is one of most favorite songs ever I never get tired of it <3
  • Name : Qi Wen
    GDD Username: qiwen
    Twitter: sonchiwon

    Reason: I just became a Girl’s Day fan recently. The first time I saw Girl’s Day was when they just debuted with a wierd concept which I don’t like, and so I did not really take note of them at first. But when they were promoting their new song “Nothing Lasts Forever”. My impression on them really made a BIG change! Their songs are really great, nice and amazing! I then went to search for Girl’s Day’s performances on youtube. After watching their performances with MR Removed, I really got a GREAT SHOCK! Although they are a rookie group, but they are really…. a word to describe “TALENTED”! Oh, wait, not only they are talented, BUT they are also CUTE, SWEET and PRETTY! And from that on, not only did my impression on them really made a BIG change, but I also started to become a Diamond (Their Official Fan Name) too!
    Later on, I was as happy as a lark when I found out that they actually have twitter accounts! I followed them and even tweeted them. Although they never reply me maybe because I tweeted in English or what so ever, BUT I still love them!
    And now, after I knew about this Giveaway, I decided to join because I really wish to get this Girl’s Day Limited Edition Autographed CD and also to try my luck!
    Besides that, I really wish that the message below will be able to pass to Girl’s Day! ^^

    ” Hello Girl’s Day! ^^ I am a fan of Girl’s Day. I just want to tell you guys that no matter what, we (Diamond) will always LOVE and SUPPORT Girl’s Day!
    Girl’s Day, FIGHTING! <333 "

    I really wish to get this Girl's Day Limited Edition Autographed CD and hope that my wish will eventually fulfill! ^^ <3

    THANK YOU! ^^ <3

  • Name: Francesca
    Twitter: hyunjaeaya
    Reason: I want to win this album because I’ve recently LIKE this girls.. i really don’t know Why & How, but they just impress me with their “WOW” Dancing Style & Skills.. They also Cute & Hot & Mature(Lady Like).. owh, i also like their smile.. hehe.. when ever they smile its really cool me down n make me want to know them even more.. well, even though im not that BIG FAN of GIRLS DAY, but i still wanna be part of their Fans.. because of their Songs & their Dance… I’ve just fall for them because I LIKE2x & LOVE2x THEM EVEN MORE~ GIRLS DAY HWAITING!! GOOD LUCK IN EVERYTHING & WISH U GURLS ALL THE BEST… hope to hear more nice n hot songs from u gurls… HWAITING!!! & MERRY CHRISTMAS~~~~~~~~~
  • Name/GDD Username: Jamie Wong / Jamieltmh

    Twitter: @Jamieltmh

    Reason: I really want to win this album because the first time i watched them on Music Bank on my KBSWorld, they just wowed me and they were great, fantastic for a new group. Their song Nothing Lasts Forever just got me downloading it the next minute and I got addicted to it ever since. They gave me another reason to fangirl a girls group ^^

  • Name/GDD Username: Eric/Ulrock7777
    Twitter: ulrock7777
    Reason: I want to win because these girls are AMAZING. Even since their ‘poor’ debut (I love Tilt My Head, I don’t see why not a lot of other people don’t), and they’re just getting better and better! These girls are amazing, all 7 of them. I can’t wait to see what else they come up with, and I’ll always be a fan =)
  • Name/GDD Username: Tiffany/ destinylove
    Twitter: gladiatorbunny
    Reason: Who would NOT like Girl’s Day?? I love Girl’s Day for their different individual personalities and hidden talents. Minah’s bright personality can make anyone smile. Her brightness and eye smile that is brighter than the brightness of the sun makes me smile. I love Minah’s bubbly personality that is always there to cheer anyone up. Sojin with her engineering brains showcases her powerful voice through the songs and her little kid personality makes me burst out laughing at times. Jihae’s shows off her powerful dance moves in her dance cover of Beyonce’s cover and in other videos she shows her dancing skills and sometimes along with some hairography. Dancing Hyeri is still relatively new to Girl’s Day but i have already warmed up to her and Yura. Her personality is so funny and kid-like with her appearances on Bouquet. Yura and her insured legs are in the spotlight as the media news but her happy personality should be recognized more along with those pair of insured legs. In the Bouquet, I love how the girls go against top groups accepted by people, Secret and Miss A. They showcase their talents and does not lose to the top groups easily just because they are on top. As a whole, I love how their voices complement one another when put together in a song. Each member has their own individual parts and they bring out the sound that they are supposed to like Minah’s solo in ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’. I love that Girl’s Day made a comeback that got them better received them their debut track. I am always telling people to listen to Girl’s Day and just give it a try. Through various websites I love promoting Girl’s Day because I know others will surely love them too. I love Girl’s Day’s persistence in reversing people’s image of them although I know that their debut was not so bad, it was the concept of the music video that was out of place for some people. I love the way they shed their image into a more mature and grown appearance that allows people to listen to their vocals instead of stareing at their bobby wigs. Girl’s Day should be recognized and loved more unless the people listening are only looking for goodlooking bodies and faces. But even in that case, the girls have got it covered. Girl’s day deserves to be known and their talents and vocals are overlooked. I love Girl’s Day because they keep it real and do not act like they are something big. They may not be as popular as other girl groups but their persistence and bright personalities is what I admire and love the most! I love Girl’s day and I love supporting them! I know Girl’s Day read girlsdaydaily when they have time and if they happen to come to my comment, I wish to tell them that I am there as a fan for them even during ‘Tilt My Head’!!! I am always going to be a fan at heart and on the outside, cheering for Girl’s Day and tell people to check them out. I can’t wait for their next comeback and in the meantime hope they will stay safe, be healthy, and be happy!!
  • Name/GDD Username: Jennifer/milkshake
    Lets start from when i first heard about them.
    When i first heard about them i wasn’t that impressed, mainly due to the fact that a TON of girl group debuted this year. But one by one, they started to reveal their teaser videos so that lead me to being interested in them. When i saw the vid of minah singing in the streets i was like O.O woah she’s amazing, i could probably never do something like that lol, her english could use more work but still amazing. one by one they started to gain my attention and my interest for them started to grow. then when i FINALLY heard that they were gonna debut i was ecstatic. however, when i saw the teaser i was really let down alot. when i saw the concept i was like ehh… could they really sing a song that’s to my liking with a concept like that? but i still waited for the actual song to get released. When it did i was really let down. when i first heard the song i thought it was terrible and didn’t show off their vocal talent. but since i knew the potential that every member had i still believed in them and told myself that i’d wait for a better song that they’ll release. when i watched their debut stage, i was sorta disappointed but i felt bad for them too. I knew the potiential that they had since i watched their predebut vids and the flash mobs. it was the company’s fault for giving them a cruddy song. and after reading all the harsh comments on akp i really wanted to shout at them. because most of the people watched their predebut vids and they were still bashing on them, it was like they forgot how great of a singer they actually were. and plus it’s not like tilt my head was the only song that they released, control was AWESOME, anyways i still supported them during that time and defended them whenever i could. then they finally released how do i look and THAT’s the kind of song that i was waiting for. it was AMAZING! afterwards i went to akp and saw all the comments and i teared up because i was so glad that people were seeing how great of a singer they actually were. then few months later i heard jisun and jiin were leaving the group. i was like akp has to be joking, but they weren’t i was so sad but i still wished the best for them. then yura and haeri joined the group. at first i wasn’t too happy and wasn’t sure if they would have the talent but i waited for them to debut with a new song. Nothing lasts forever. it was another great song. and i have to say yura and haeri did fit in to the group nicely and they did have talent. and they were finally starting to get the attention that they should have got in the first place. So why do i love girls day? because if i went through everything that they went through, i KNOW i would have given up right away after hearing the first criticism that they received. however they endured that and they showed everyone who criticized them that they DO belong in the kpop industry and ARE one of the best girl group that debuted this year. They aren’t the girl group that tries to be all sexy so that they would catch people’s attentions, they use their vocal and dancing skills. I can’t wait for their next comeback, they keep on surprising us with each of their new songs^^ I wish the best for them in korea and i know they’ll do well in japan as well^^
  • Name/GDD Username: swimmingcheese

    Twitter: @mariezz

    Reason: Unlike most girld groups, Girl’s Day actually got me hooked the first time I saw them (when I watched their flash mob dances). Then I saw their debut, at first I was kind of disappointed because, let’s admit it, it wasn’t really that flattering. But I opted to “stay” and see what they’d bring next (I’m referring to their next single). I never lost hope because I know that they WILL do better. And then came “Nothing Lasts Forever”. I knew it. They made a better song choice but!! the news that 2 members are leaving made me feel sad. But nonetheless, I still gave them a chance. I’ve been listening to JarhaeJwoBwaya eversince~ I’m even trying to learn the dance (even if I suck at dancing). I enjoy their music a lot and their singing and dancing are superb! They may not be perfect but they are definitely showing large improvements.
    What I love about these girls are their perseverance. They made me want to improve also. They taught me how to “keep moving forward despite obstacles”. I also admire them for never giving up even if meant longer practing times and working extra hard. And despite all the hardships they’ve faced as a group, they still face the people, us, with smiles on their faces. :)

  • Name/ggd username: Darren Tseng ^^ / wakalaka
    twitter: @Pampampammmmm
    Reason: because every morning when i wake up i hear Nothing Lasts Forever and thats makes my day good =)
    and now my asian friends here in The Netherlands are also addicted to Girl’s Day =DDD so yaaay GIRLS DAY FIGHTING <3333
    [Thank you achel for doing so much for us =D]
  • Name/GDD Username: Licia Goh Poh Ying
    Twitter: @liciagoh
    Reason: I have been loving Girl’s Day since they were debuted ^^ I love their songs !!!! it’s the best !! I was disappointed when their sons, Tilt My head wasn’t really a big hit :( but when Nothing Last forever come out,I was happy :) I memorized the dance xDD and the lyrics :P I watch Girl’s Day in Bouquet(I think that is the spelling. Sorry if I spelled it wrongly) and they were AMAZING !!!!!! Brunei doesn’t have Girl’s Day’s album, which is the sad part. I wanted to buy it online but my parents wont allow T.T so I hope u all understand ^^

    May God Bless you all and Thank you very much for everything ! ^^

  • Name/ggd: Perdita/SwimmingCat
    twitter: swimmingcat04

    Reason: when it comes to kpop, i’m pretty much more into girl groups. however, strangely, for some reasons that i don’t know, girl’s day didn’t impress me or make me feel interested in them. i didn’t mind ’tilt my head’. i kinda like it. i’ve seen and listened to songs which are much “cuter” and more “annoying”. ‘how do i look’, on the other hand, didn’t leave much of a impression. in fact, i remember it was by accident when i tumbled on a clip in which minah sang a piece of ‘love’ by keyshia on bouquet. right at that moment i knew i was in love. with her singing that is. girl’s got pipes. and then i sailed out to search for more. the more i read and watch, the more i find myself into this group. sojin is badass and full of fail at the same time, hyeri is a sensitive magnae who looks older than her age (for me). minah is so confident and lively and cheerful, just adorable. i confess i once thought that her ‘change’ version would get boring for a while but i was wrong. she makes that move like no others. jihae, lol, her girliness and ‘innocent’ rapper image cracks me up. i haven’t known enough about yura, though. guess that takes time. wait a minute, her saying about meat is full out cute, lol. i like meat, too but not on that level, yura.

    one of other factors is that i have come to recognized your dedications for the girls through this fan blog. it makes me go ‘wow, i want to be a part of this’, helping to spread out Girl’s Day love. “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” and i want Girl’s Day to be recognized and to receive much love. well, that’s all. i hope this message doesn’t bother you. i didn’t intend to write this long.^^

  • Name/GDD Username: Andrew/girltaku
    Twitter: i don’t twit..

    I saw, so I loved.
    How can a reason exist for the most natural thing to do?
    Was resistance possible?
    Even if I were to go back and start this year again, the only way not to end up loving them again would be not knowing them at all.

  • name/GDD Username: Dominic/FanBoy17
    Twitter: broadwayking16

    The moment i saw the video of them dancing in the street they immediately caught my interest. I waited anxiously for their arrival, and i was SOOOOO happy when they debuted!!! Every time i listen to their music i get CHILLS! Their music transports me to some different realm in my mind…..it’s an amazing feeling. They are the perfect combination of beauty and talent! I think they’re the first girl group i’ve liked that i couldn’t pick ONE favorite. They all have a little something they add to the group, and thats what hooks me. I also love how they can have 2 members drop, legal troubles, be bashed for vocals, and STILL come out with determination to be better. And they HAVE gotten better. Hearing their voices puts a smile on my face and warms my heart. Girl’s Day forever <3

  • Name/GDD Username: Tiffany/generatiiondrugxx
    Twitter: lovinkmusik
    To be honest, when I saw they’re debut performance I liked their sound but I was disappointed because not a lot of people seemed to like their debut. When they released their “Nothing Lasts Forever” MV they started gaining more popularity because people started to enjoy their music more~ Girl’s Day really gave me hope because even when their debut was really bad + nobody liked them they still kept at it, didn’t give up, & they came back with the song “Nothing Lasts Forever” showing everybody their amazing vocal cords and their flexibility that reminds people of f(x)’s Victoria (their splits in tight jeans/pants during their performances on Music Bank & other shows) They really showed me to never give up on my dreams, don’t listen to what everybody has to say, and keep striving for your goal/dreams because one day you’ll succeed. I really love Girl’s Day they’re so awesome!!! I can’t wait for their TV show in Japan & the continuation of “We Are Dating” (: Their vocals are amazing especially how they can hold the high notes just like IU in “Good Day”^^
    I really hope they have a comeback stage soon because I haven’t seen any performances from them since their “Nothing Lasts Forever” promotions…. Also, thank you for making this blog because I’m pretty sure there aren’t a lot of fan blogs like this one on the internet & it’s amazing how much you guys love Girl’s Day when I see sites like this I also want to share my love just like you guys do everyday<3 I really hope someday thousands of people will be on this site at one time just like soshified or shineesubs!!! Best of luck & thanks again! :D
  • name/gdd username: thebluemorris
    i have always been a fan of girls day even on there first debut but what really got me to like them was there song control on there first album which i thought would have been a great song to debut with. nothing lasts forever was a great hit for them and i’m glad the made a strong comeback, minah is my favorite person and i am forever happy that i found this site that is all just about these loveable girls. as always, work hard and good luck! Girls Day hwaiting!!
  • Name/gdd username: topmage6576/topmage6576
    Twitter: @topmage6576
    Reason: she’ll become a korea TOP3 girl group
    under 2years…


  • name/gdd username: JiSun

    twitter: @EliseKPOPFRANCE

    reason:I like Girl’s Day since their debuts .
    I had no idea of who they were , but I saw their flashmob . And I suddenly love them . I loved the way the move . Then I started follow them on Twitter , that was a good surprise…they followed me back ! Just some peoples folloed them , and I was proud to like these girls ! I was very excited because of their debuts !
    Then I read their news everydays , watching all the flashmobs and teaser , saw a lot of pictures , signed on a fan forum….

    I liked Tilt My Head , the concept was cute and the girls so sweet ! I didn’t understand why every one critisized them… T.T I supported them all the time during Tilt My Head’s promotion !

    When I saw that JiSun and JiIn decided to leave the group , I was really sad because JiSun was ma fav’ :'(

    For me , all the girls are talentous , Tilt My Head was just a bad concept for them….Nothing Lasts Forever is a pretty good concept for them ! It suits better with Girl’s Day personnalities ! They are able to proove that they’ve got talent ! I’m so happy to see that they make good performances , and see how the new members are talented too ! ♥

    Btw , I also love their personalities XD Minha is my fav , she’s alwas happy and she is always smiling ~ She is a cute maknae , and she’s full of energy ♥
    But my favorite is SoJin ! She’s charismatic , and since their debuts , she is my favorite because of her voice . I really admire her ♥

    I think I am one of the rare FRENCH fan ! And I also think that France MUST love GIRL’S DAY more !
    I will be really happy if i win this price , because it’s difficult for me to find asian music in my country T.T

    I hope that French Girl’s Day fans will be known so I hope I will win haha… >.< ♥ As you can see , France is also supporting Girl's Day hehe ~ ♥

    Thanks for doing this contest and sorry for my really really bad english…I hope that you understood me , even if i do alot of mistakes.. :)

  • ————ROUND 2 is NOW OPEN!—————-

    Make sure to read the new rules and follow them closely.

    Good luck everyone!!

  • Name/GDD Username: Dominique/ girlsday is awesome
    Twitter: domiishme
    Location: California, United States
  • Name/GDD Username: adilin anwar / sweetlavender

    Twitter: @lin_lavender

    Location: malaysia

    i am a girl who loves girl’s day.
    love dont ask you for reason.
    nothing last forever right?

    if i love them because they are pretty and young,
    what about if they became older?
    so does my love will fade away?
    of course not.
    so, thats why i dont actually want to give reasons why i love them.

    they just stole my heart in every single way.
    how do i not love them?
    even i am a girl, i am more obsess towards them.
    not the male idols.

    i love girl’s day because they are girl’s day. : )

  • I’m sorry for double posting (I forgot to add my name D:)

    Name/GDD Username: Mariz / swimmingcheese
    Twitter: mariezz
    Location: Philippines

    :D Thank you for doing this~ <3 girlsdaydaily fighting!

  • Name/GDD Username:Kim Nguyen/kimiii11
    Location:The Netherland
    Reason: I’m a fan of girl’s day
    The are good singers good perfomers
  • Name/GDD Username: adilin anwar / sweetlavender

    Twitter: @lin_lavender

    Location: malaysia

    p/s : sorry for double posting. : ) round 2 doesnt need any reason. ^^

  • name/gdd username: clarisse/ iloveyura08
    twitter : iLyriSsE
    location : phil.

    reason : i love girl’s day so much ! bec. they are so very beautiful and they are so very talented. Everytime i open a browser i usually open this link first and i played there song NOTHING LASTS FOREVER . i also love their songs so much ! i have a one page for yura unnie ! kekeke ~ aahh . i always sing their song and dance it . ahaha ! i support them so much and i always watch the WAD they are so very romantic. i download their video in my cellphone so everytime i am bored i watch them . hahaha ! so this is it i hope that i will win and i want to have their CD so much since i watched them hahaha . KAMSAHAMNIDA~ :*

  • name/gdd username: Michell/mishaee
    twitter: @miiCHEO
    reason: I became a fan of Girls Day awhile ago, seeing them debut with Tilt my head, at first, honestly, i didn’t like it. But then, i said, “Hey, try listening to it again!” Because, i tend to dislike songs on the first go. :L So i listened to the song,carefully and, i loved it. Absolutely loved it, I kept listening to it over and over again. And then, seeing them improve with that song ‘How do i look’, there voices were amazing and so cute haha. But at that time, i wasn’t a hardcore fan of them, but i did like them @ that time. When i heard about their comeback, and saw their teaser. It just blew me away! I told everyone i knew about it. It was absolutely amazingggggg~! I just kept replaying the teaser! I was anticipating the actual musicvideo&song. Then it finally came, i watched it and thought OHMYGOD, that was awesome. & now my some of my friends really love Girls Day too! ^^, I may not have been with them from the very beginning, but i will now. I will continue to support these girls. ^^

    name/gdd username: michell/mishaee
    twitter: @miicheo
    Location: AUSTRALIA
    reason: i became a fan of girls day awhile ago, seeing them debut with tilt my head, at first, honestly, i didn’t like it. but then, i said, “hey, try listening to it again!” because, i tend to dislike songs on the first go. :l so i listened to the song,carefully and, i loved it. absolutely loved it, i kept listening to it over and over again. and then, seeing them improve with that song ‘how do i look’, there voices were amazing and so cute haha. but at that time, i wasn’t a hardcore fan of them, but i did like them @ that time. when i heard about their comeback, and saw their teaser. it just blew me away! i told everyone i knew about it. it was absolutely amazingggggg~! i just kept replaying the teaser! i was anticipating the actual musicvideo&song. then it finally came, i watched it and thought ohmygod, that was awesome. & now my some of my friends really love girls day too! ^^, i may not have been with them from the very beginning, but i will now. i will continue to support these girls. ^^

  • Name/GDD Username: Azriel

    Twitter: @azriel88_

    Location: Singapore

    reason: its the hardwork and effort they put in that attracted me to them..being so young but working hard to achieve their dreams as idols in such tough industry at such a young age, it really awesome…with their cute and bubbly selfs it makes us feels closer to them and being themself and showing what their made of , it really shows people that they deserve something..from nothing to something. is what they had achieved. love their songs ~ especially the latest hit “nothing last forever” really tells the story of lives.. girl’s day hwaiting ! you girls have all my support till the end ~ hope to see u in singapore for promotion soon ~ !

  • name/gdd username: jisun

    twitter: @elisekpopfrance
    Location : FRANCE

    reason:i like girl’s day since their debuts .
    i had no idea of who they were , but i saw their flashmob . and i suddenly love them . i loved the way the move . then i started follow them on twitter , that was a good surprise…they followed me back ! just some peoples folloed them , and i was proud to like these girls ! i was very excited because of their debuts !
    then i read their news everydays , watching all the flashmobs and teaser , saw a lot of pictures , signed on a fan forum….

    i liked tilt my head , the concept was cute and the girls so sweet ! i didn’t understand why every one critisized them… t.t i supported them all the time during tilt my head’s promotion !

    when i saw that jisun and jiin decided to leave the group , i was really sad because jisun was ma fav’ :’(

    for me , all the girls are talentous , tilt my head was just a bad concept for them….nothing lasts forever is a pretty good concept for them ! it suits better with girl’s day personnalities ! they are able to proove that they’ve got talent ! i’m so happy to see that they make good performances , and see how the new members are talented too ! ♥

    btw , i also love their personalities xd minha is my fav , she’s alwas happy and she is always smiling ~ she is a cute maknae , and she’s full of energy ♥
    but my favorite is sojin ! she’s charismatic , and since their debuts , she is my favorite because of her voice . i really admire her ♥

    i think i am one of the rare french fan ! and i also think that france must love girl’s day more !
    i will be really happy if i win this price , because it’s difficult for me to find asian music in my country t.t

    i hope that french girl’s day fans will be known so i hope i will win haha… >.< ♥ as you can see , france is also supporting girl's day hehe ~ ♥

    thanks for doing this contest and sorry for my really really bad english…i hope that you understood me , even if i do alot of mistakes.. :)

  • Name/GDD Username: meiwai
    Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/mei_wai
    Location: Spain

    the reason why i like girl’s day… well, the first time i saw them was with their flashmob in summer. You can say that i was really surprised to see that in the kpop industry, so i began to pay more atention to this group, and fell in love with them =)
    i even registered in their 1st forum and chated with their manager, along with other users =) but they shut it and i didn’t know why or where i could find another forum of them… so to say, i began to forget about them =( BUT!!! when i listerned to Nothing lasts forever and watched their video, it was like… wow. I began to search everything i could, and found this site. I began to like them more and more after seeing them perfom in lives and being in the show “we are dating”.
    Really, i just love them. There are no words that can describe how i feel, it’s like… they are so cool, i want to be like them. Really, i don’t know how to describe it, but i can say they have a charm that other groups don’t, and i supose that’s what made me like them ^^

  • Name/GDD Username: Nancy/ EggTart

    Twitter: @MiamEggTart


    I’ll try to tweet this (Give me Girl’s Day Autographed CD please! #girlsdaydaily) as often as possible (Everyday..? ^^)

  • Name/GDD Username: mskrungkrung



    Its my first visit in the site..and loving this…site…^^~

  • Name/GDD username: Monira/chinchin
    twitter: berry_xoxo
    Location: Hungary


    Awww, I want this so so badly. I really love Girl’s Day, from their debut! I love their vocal skills, my faves are Sojin and Minah!! Sojin even followed me back on twitter!!!<3 So cute, nice from her! I love their personality and style as well, Minah always makes fun of everything. And of course, my fave couple from We Are Dating is the <3Alexander&Minah<3 one!! Haha, not just because Xander is my fave member from UKISS…
    Summing everything I love Girl's Day, and of course I would love to get a vol#2 CD!!!<3

  • name/gdd username: Noelle/xColourLite

    twitter: @xColourLite

    Location: Canada, Ontario

    @girlsdaydaily, thanks for the chance of this CD! appreciate everything you guys do for us ♥
    loving girl’s day <3

  • Name/GDD Username: chaneleh
    Twitter: @chanelehh
    Location: canada- i would give full details >< just cant on a public internet discussion.
  • Name/GDD Username: maya/yuchiri
    Twitter: @yoongabs
    Location: Indonesia! :’D

    second tryyyy :) good luck to everyone (also me! lol) thank you gddaily for the /second/ chance ♥ you guys are awesome! \o/

  • Name/GDD Username: lorlucy

    Twitter: cassiopeia_05

    Location: USA

    Second time entering and here’s a little bit more why I like Girl’s Day. Well each individual’s personality is very lovable. I love how Yura loves meat, it’s not everyday I hear a celebrity say the love meat as much as she does. With Minah I love how outgoing she is (I’ve seen much of it in We are Dating when she’s with Xander). I love how Ji Hye has so much charisma onstage and on variety shows like Bouquet but when it comes to We are dating she’s so quiet and shy. I have this feeling where she really wants to not be shy and awkward around Eli but then they just need to warm up to each other first. And then with leader So Jin she’s really pretty and her voice is just so good. I barely see her much but I still love her. Her eyes are really pretty and her voice is like my ideal type of voice and she doesn’t look like she’s the oldest (if I’m correct). And with the youngest Hyeri… I don’t know her much yet but I’m sure I’ll come to love her too, I think she just needs more screen time or be on a variety show like Yura, Ji Hye and Minah so I’ll get to know her more than when she’s on Bouquet or something. Even if I don’t win this I just love how I get to write how I adore each member, thanks for giving me this chance! =)

  • Name/GGD Username: Kim Chi Nguyen/loveqirlsday
    Twitter: 94kimchi
    Location: Germany

    Love this Website, Love Girl’s Day, just miss this CD then I’m the happiest person of the world :D

  • name/gdd username: tara/tanica21
    twitter: tanica21
    location: Philippines

    thank you so much for bringing us all the updates, videos and news about girl’s day! i love those girls! they’re really talented! girlsdaydaily fighting! :D

  • Name/GDD Username: Micha/michinsaram
    Twitter: @TGMich
    Location: Indonesia

    I really wanna win this CD so much!
    I’ll do my best on tweeting >.<~

  • Name/GDD Username: Kristina / Krizsey

    Twitter: @kriztina94

    Location: Philippines ..

    Girls Day jjang ! ~ :)) They’re freakin AWESOME ..

  • Name/GDD Username: Chi/SoJihYoung9

    Twitter: SoJihYoung9

    Location: Philippines


    this is my 2nd try now. goodluck to everyone! ^^
    Well, I really really really want to have the album so bad that’s why I re-joined in this contest. thanks Achel for giving updates! I know a lot of diamonds say this to you, but really you’re awesome! keep it up! but don’t stress yourself too much. :)

  • Name/GDD Username: Jennette (: GDD username: = suuperjenn

    Twitter: suuperjenn

    Location: Victoria, BC. Canada

  • Name: Nancy Ma, Gdd User: nhidongma or nancynhi05
    Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/nancynhi05
    Location: USA, IL

    my reason!

    Hi there! :) i want to be the winner of the Girl’s Day Autographed CD because i never won anything online in my life. I like to enter contests and hope to win but i never won and felt sad in the end but i was always happy for the winner! I loved Girl’s Day right from the start and even if people said they had a bad beginning i still felt they were amazing from the start! so if i had a chance to win their album i would be so thrilled and happy that i won because girl’s day is my top 5 favorite Kpop group! right next to 2PM, Ukiss, FT Island and Super Junior! (they’re the only girl group thats my all-time fave haha)

    Thanks for the opportunity BTW! ^_^

  • Name/GDD Username: Tiffany/ destinylove
    Twitter: @gladiatorbunnyz
    Location: California, USA

    when I just put those three lines, it says duplicate comments~~

  • Name/GDD Username: caah/bbluvyj

    Twitter: babyluvsyj

    Location: brazil

    ok. i created a twitter account just to enter this lol!

  • name/gdd username: Bella/beechan

    twitter: bella_neko

    location: wellington, New Zealand

    (i can’t believe i JUST noticed this competition)

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