[ENG SUB/DL] Girl’s Day ‘The-star’ Sojin Interview



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Translator: Ricardox
Editor & Subber: Achel

5 thoughts on “[ENG SUB/DL] Girl’s Day ‘The-star’ Sojin Interview

  1. oh my..I..actually shed some tears watching this video. =( What she was saying made me so impressed. She is so mature enough to be the leader. Thank you all for subbing this.
  2. @sen I was also very impressed after watching this. Sojin truly is a leader. I also love how she’s both mature and dorky. :) In this video, you could see how much she cares about her members and carries a lot on her shoulders.
  3. I’m very impressed. She really deserves to be the leader of the group. I love how mature she is and also dorky at the same time. ^^

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