[DAEBAK!] GDD Has Reached Over 100,000 Page Views + Win EXCLUSIVE Package!!

Since August 14th, the day girlsdaydaily went public, there has been a total of 100,271 page views! We would like to thank everyone who has supported this blog. We truly appreciate it and are happy to share Girl’s Day moments with you.


Perhaps you have noticed that the post count for Comments is now viewable. Well, we have decided to award the most active member (excluding staff) with the most comments on girlsdaydaily.com with an EXCLUSIVE PACKAGE on July 9, 2011! The gift package will include everything Girl’s Day! We hope to include  their album, poster, magazine featuring Girl’s Day and other special collectors items. This is a special thank you to show our appreciation for all your support, so keep your comments coming!


We wish you the best of luck!!

11 thoughts on “[DAEBAK!] GDD Has Reached Over 100,000 Page Views + Win EXCLUSIVE Package!!

  1. in case you’re not familiar with comment counts, look beside my name hehe that’s how much i have :D

    Thanks for supporting Girl’s Day and girlsdaydaily guys <3333

  2. Well im glad i have found this place, now i have somewhere thats active to get my fix of girls day. Thanks to the hard work of a few.
  3. over 100k! congrats to staffs and everyone! :) I hope beginning is half done. Thank you for maintaining this awesome sanctuary of girl’s day!

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