[ENG SUB/DL] 101210 We are Dating Ep 1 – Girl’s Day and UKISS


Translators: Sen, Haylie & Achel
Editor: Tammy
Timing & Encoding: Achel











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132 thoughts on “[ENG SUB/DL] 101210 We are Dating Ep 1 – Girl’s Day and UKISS

  1. oh yeay finally part one! thank you so much for everyone doing this project! I’ll just wait until part 2 and 3 are released so the suspense won’t kill me XD
    aja aja hwaiting staffs!! :) ♥
  2. Thank you so much for subbing this! I really appreciate it! Take as long as you guys need~ I really wish I could help you guys :/
  3. Thank you guys so much for your hard work, even though I haven’t watched it yet. Loading it at the moment. But then I know for sure I’ll be enjoying this. (As much I like Ukiss I think it would be kind of cool if it was Infinite instead?)
  4. Thank you so much~ Can i have the download link??? I’m still waiting for the other parts. take your time to sub it. Dont rush.
  5. Okay.. Sorry for posting again but I just totally loved this part and I can’t wait till the next two parts. Please do update soon. (And scratch that part about Infinite, Ukiss did a super job of entertaining me! ) Is this seriously going to go on for 3 months though?
  6. yay <3 thank you for all your hard work SERIOUSLY
    I'll be good and just wait patiently for the others part LOL
    love this show.. FIGHTIN!! :)
  7. Huaa Thank you so much much much!
    Thank you for subbing it!
    Yuraaaaa <3
    You Subbed it sooooooooooo FAST!
    Can't wait for another part ^^
  8. thank you for subbing this! and so quick too! you guys are great~
    i couldn’t stop laughing when eli ripped his pants haha and jihae’s definitely been doing a lot of sexier dancing lately
  9. I really love you girls!!! Thanks for all the hard work, it really does kill time when I’m bored at work.
  10. i had fun watching part 1!
    all of them are so cute XD i laughed so much watching this, haha xD
    love Minah’s laugh *__* LOL
    i’ll kick Eli for giving a so-so impression towards Yura and Minah! LMAO JK xD dont kill me xP
    cant wait for part 2 and 3~!!
    thank you so much for subbing <3
  11. our girls looked very charming, especially jihae. :) she really stole my heart. and the boys were extremely funny as hell!.
  12. LMAO! I’m loving this! “I know why her legs are 500 Million won.” Seriously thank you, you guys. Keep up all the good work. =)
  13. this show is really great, i laughed so much hahaha. i am really liking yura more and more!
    thanks for subbing part 2! keep up the good work~
  14. DAEBAK DAEBAK!!!! I thought you guys will release tomorrow! but it’s already released! Thankyouuuu!!!! Will watch itnow. Thankyouuuuu verymuch! I LOVE YURAAAAAA!!!! <- she is mine =w= *thrown by diamonds* hehehe/ I overjoyed I think
  15. haha, minah is really cuteee!
    thanks for the subs unnie~ I’m really appreciate your hard work in subbing this vid :)
    can I hv part 2 download link? thanks before :D
  16. thank you so much for the hard work! the download link for part 2 would be nice (: i will be waiting patiently for the next part. thanks again! :D
  17. wow, you guys sub videos fast..
    the 1st part was just released 2 days ago.. and now, the 2nd part.. this is really nice!
    thanks for subbing the videos and appreciate all the hard work you’ve done!
    the download link for part 2 will be very much aprreciated! ^_^

    now gotta wait for the next part.. :D

    Even though, I prefered Xander with Minah instead Jihae & Xander are awesome together too, age wise. ekkeke
  19. Wow this show is so funny, I am hooked. Can’t wait to see part 3 and the rest of the episodes. Thanks for subbing this! Fighting!
  20. You guys are very quick and thank you so much for the subs. Please, if possible, keep up the speed on the rest of the show. Really quality subs. Sub team fighting! ^^9
  21. wow
    you guys are so fast and thank you so much for the sub
    if possible,would u upload the full version mot just in MU but also in MF
  22. Aww… I really really really really really wanted the Yura and Eli couple. =( *sigh…. Oh well though, I know I’m going to change my mind later. ahah. Thanks so much for subbing.
  23. thanks very much for your hard work! i understand how hard it is to find the time to sub, time each dialogue, and upload it. It’s very much appreciated! the show was a joy to watch. though i felt bad for the members when they were shuffled around lol.
  24. wow! subbed full episode is here!! thanks for all the hardwork you’ve done! it’s very much appreciated! ^_^
  25. Thank you so much!! I made an account just go I could thank you guys >.< this was really awesome to watch! Girls Day Daily is daebak! Translators, editors and timing and encoders hwaiting!
  26. thank you very much!!! i’m going to watch the whole episode now. your hard works are appreciated. what can we do without you guys? keke~~
  27. tnx 4 the sub ! i’ll watch it as soon as possible !!
    can i have a link for the video ?? at mediafire please . . .
    tnx again !! ^^
  28. Thank you sooooooo much for subbed this ! :)
    I’m a french fan of Girls Day and I’m really happy because I can see this show ~ ^.^

    You did a great job !
    I can’t wait for the 2nd episode now ♥

  29. Ohmy, thanks thanks so much! :D I was trying to find the subbed one from rocketboxx but it is yet to be out. You peeps are really fast! :D thanks so much, really grateful for this! :D
  30. Hi, just dropping by to say thanks for subbing the show. I really appreciate it. At first I didn’t know who Girls Day was at all and was only watching it for U-Kiss but after watching, I think I’m becoming their fan ^-^
    Again, thanks a lot for this and good luck with your other projects :)
  31. Wow, that was really fast, you must have worked really hard! As a U-Kiss fan I thank you and I appreciate it very much ^^ <3 I haven't heard any of Girl's Day's songs, but I'm looking forward to learn about them :D!
  32. Many many thanks to the subbing team ^^ You guys are awesome!! Im a KissMe but I think I might start to learn more about girls day though. I love alexminah couple. Cant wait for the next epi =)
  33. Thank u for the full subs and your hard work I know how hard it is to translate, U guys are awesome ^^
  34. i dunno anything about ur promise or such thing…
    since i first discover this website…
    this website is the most awesome website for girls day fans…
    ty so much for subbing this show…
    i shout so loud when first discover that u fibish subbibg this show…
    really appreciate if u can continue subbing for the next episode…
    ty so much again…
  35. i dunno anything about ur promise or such thing…
    since i first discover this website…
    this website is the most awesome website for girls day fans…
    ty so much for subbing this show…
    i shouted so loud when first discover that u finish subbing this show…
    really appreciate if u can continue subbing for the next episode…
    ty so much again…
  36. thank you so much!! they’re so cute together.

    but i can’t believe yura didn’t pick eli!! :( i can’t like NOOOOOOOO! at that part xP

  37. Yaaah’ you’re awesome, thanks a lot for your hard work!
    Can’t wait for the next episode, I loved this one :3
  38. thank you guys for uploading! i’m glad i can watch the start of this reality show ♥ so excited for next episodes! u-kiss and girls day fighting! ^_^ they are all funny and lovable :)
  39. Thank you Girlsdaydaily! For all your hardwork in subbing this, i am really thankful! :D And for providing .avi download links YOU ARE THE BEST!!
  40. Brand new fan of Girl’s Day as of yesterday, I saw them perform Nothing lasts forever on M wave and was completely moved. Thanks for subbing these episodes so I can get to know their personalities better!
  41. Thank you so much for the subs! :) They’re appreciated a lot! I think I’ve become a girls day fan after watching them with U-Kiss! They’re so cute together ^^ I wish they’d “be together” for longer than 3 months though! T_T
  42. Although I am not very familiar with the cast yet . . . I really appreciate your efforts and THANK YOU VERY MUCH for posting this !!
  43. so eli really like jihae..long ago without seeing 1st episode, i saw thier date really awkward…so i thought maybe they has been forced to be together..so now i know..thanks for the sub..i like gils Day Now..with the help of subbing team and this wbsite. i like these girl even more..unfortunately their has new member becouse my fav is former member Jisun..she’s preety and she looks like tifany..
  44. OMG It’s like my two fave groups in one show!

    Thank you so much for the subs guys, I really appreciate it!

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