[PICS] U-KISS Twitter Update [Spoiler: WAD Ep. 2]

(Alexander and Minah at Lotte World)

Juz finished my looong schedule~! (^v^)/ Was at Lotte World shooting for ″We Are Dating″~ Had so much FUN~! ^-^)b – Alexander

First time riding merry-go-round today. Gonna ride my Xander-go-round in Dreamland now~ Gdnite guys~ Sweet dreams★


(Soohyun and Yura share a meal.)

Perhaps Yura’s nail. :) Hopefully in the future he’ll post more pictures.


Source: Alexander & Soohyun Twitter
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7 thoughts on “[PICS] U-KISS Twitter Update [Spoiler: WAD Ep. 2]

  1. Girls Day should do it too! tweetpics! tweetpic! I hope that they don’t get in trouble with the PD for their pics.Keep it up though, I want episode two!
  2. woah I’m so jealous of random people who was with girl’s day. Riding merry-go-round with our girls is my eternal dream now!

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