[PICS] 101215 the 18th Korean Culture Ent. Award – Girl’s Day

Missing Minah because she’s filming oh my school? 100school~?

The girls look great!! Especially with this outfit


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13 thoughts on “[PICS] 101215 the 18th Korean Culture Ent. Award – Girl’s Day

  1. all i think about when i see this pictures…

    weren’t they feel cold? i mean in Korea it’s already freezing XD

  2. yeah. it’s freaking cold in korea now.
    poor them. it’s kinda unfair how those guys dress warmly and the girls have to expose their thighs. sigh.
  3. i hope so. after all everything comes with a price.

    lol agree. i love that outfit too

    anyway thanks a lot for these updates. i find myself liking them more and more.

  4. Jihae really looks cute here. She should do her hair like this more often. Plus Sojin with the lint roller.LOL
  5. The girls are simply gorgeous, I’m sure they have blankets in their car to cover their legs because of the cold. I also hope they don’t get sick. :(

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