[TRANS/NEWS] 101215 Girl’s Day – Mnet Japan Real Variety – ‘I Love Girl’s Day’ Show


Girl’s Day, introduced to japanese fans for the first time by a reality program.


5-member girl group Girl’s Day is going to greet/acknowledge themselves to Japanese fans. From upcoming January 2011, Mnet Japan will broadcast a reality program called “I love Girl’s Day” (temporary title) which shows Girl’s Day’s daily life for 3 months in Japan. Filmed by a reality program style, Girl’s Day will show their charms by their trivial life, music, dance, beauty treatment and fashion know-hows in the program.

One of the staffs of the program said “The purpose of this program is ‘to catch up with the girl groups in Korea’ who the are the idol for asian women, analyzing them in-depth.


Meanwhile “I love Girl’s Day” will be aired on January 4 2011, and Girl’s Day is going to have the first meeting with japanese fans by visiting japan in upcoming February.



Source: asiae
Translated By: Sen@girlsdaydaily

9 thoughts on “[TRANS/NEWS] 101215 Girl’s Day – Mnet Japan Real Variety – ‘I Love Girl’s Day’ Show

  1. ahhh how exciting! i can’t wait to watch this~
    girlsdaydaily is planning to sub this right? or at least i hope so…haha thank you~
  2. It will be great to see the girls in more detail and hopefully bring them more acknowledgement from other people. These girls are brilliant and deserve more recognition
  3. O M G !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Girl’s Day is coming to JAPAN?!?!?!
    gonna be crazyyyy OMG OMG OMG >_<

    How lucky I am!!!
    Minah, JiHae unnie, Yura, Hyeri,
    I'm soooo excited to see you guys in JAPAN!!

    can't wait~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. awww… and SoJin unnie!! sorry>_<

    @reiki Yes, there are soo many korean groups which have debut in Japan this year..like crazy…grrr nice thou!!lol

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