[PICS/TRANS] Girl’s Day Yura Cyworld Update with girlsdaydaily Gifts

Once again we have been spoiled by the girls! Yura uploaded a few pictures of herself with her hoodie, sunglasses, beanie, stickers and message book! Looking forward to more updates from the girls!

We Love You Yura!!

걸스데이데일리 너무감사해요~
편지랑 선물들 너무너무 잘받았어요!!

Translation: girlsdaydaily thank you very much
I will receive it well, the letters and gifts


걸스데이데일리 너무감사해요~
편지랑 선물너무 잘받았어요!!

Translation: Meat lover Yura..He he
Girlsdaydaily, thank you so much~
the letters and the gifts, i received this well!!


Translation: Hello?


토끼귀마개 이제 올리네요 ㅠㅠ…
너무고마워요~!너무귀엽구 따뜻해요 !!

Translation: Now uploading rabbit-ear-plug pictures…sob sob
Thank you so much~! It’s very cute and warm!!

(The rabbit ear plug is from Japanese fans who visited Girl’s Day.)


걸스데이데일리 너무감사해요~
편지랑 선물너무 잘받았어요!!

Translation: Girlsdaydaily thank you very much~
The letters and gifts, I received it very well!!
I’m very touched




Source: Yura’s Cyworld
Shared By: girlsdaydaily

19 thoughts on “[PICS/TRANS] Girl’s Day Yura Cyworld Update with girlsdaydaily Gifts

  1. Its nice to see them thanking GDD for the gifts. Its so heart warming to know they like what they received and even took some cute pictures as well.
  2. ^ hahahaha it’s funny that she took revenge saying he’s so so too LOL!

    YURA YA!! KOMAWO! <333

    she looks so adorable! <3

  3. TT____TT im so touched~

    aww those eyes hit my heart~ <3
    yes thanks GDD for the wonderful gifts! ^o^ I bet you felt more touched and fulfilled with these pictures. You did a great job really. i couldn't thank you less.

    And Yura~~~ <3 <3 I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! I love you Girl's Day~ minah. Jihae. Sojin. Hyeri. I'm glad you all loved the gifts.

  4. aw~~ yura is so cute~~ those puppy eyes!! it’s good to see that she enjoys the gifts. i feel like they are spoiling us! keke
  5. I really want to go around and comment on all the pictures they took with girlsdaydaily gifts but I’m going to only post one here. I really want to participate in a project, probably the next one. It’s really cool how they took pictures with their items and Yura even thanks you guys! =)
  6. OMG OMG!!Soooo nice!
    Wish I could have joined it…why didnt i notice the event..?maybe I was busy..>_<?
    Hmmmm i will join the event like this next time for sure~!!

    Yura, happy Birthday~heaps~hh

  7. OMG I’m dying!! Yura unnie you’re simply the best! OMG she’s reading my message.. keke <3 great job GGD <3 OMG, She loves the gifts so much. :D

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