[ENG SUB/DL] 101217 We are Dating Ep 2 – Girl’s Day and UKISS Completed

Subbed videos of EP 2 under the cut (Minah, Yura & Jihae)


Translators: Sen & icecreamyo | Editor: Tammy | Timing & Encoding: Achel







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186 thoughts on “[ENG SUB/DL] 101217 We are Dating Ep 2 – Girl’s Day and UKISS Completed

  1. thank you for all your hard work! you guys are great <3
    minah and alexander are so cute ;~; gangsta itaewon couple yo
  2. I appreciate the hard work, thanks so much! Those two are adorable they didn’t seem as awkward together as the other two couples
  3. Thank you guys heaps for the subs! You do sooooo much for us fans so this is a very special thank you to you. hehe. I look forward to watching the other couples! Merry Christmas!!
  4. Thank you so much everyone who worked on subbing this~~ you guys are AMAZING keep up the good work :)
    also, minah and xander, is it legal to be this cute???? I wish I had a couple shirt >.<
  5. Thank you sooo much!!! I really wish that I could help out with the subbing, but I don’t know Korean >.<

    Xander x Minah <3333 Love them together :D

  6. i appreciate the time you guys are taking in order to sub this for us :3 <33 Thank you so much <333
  7. Awww… they are so cute together. I love how they hit it off when they just met. I really love Xander. His laugh and his personality is really adorable. I love how Minah had that contract thing. This is really a nice show. I enjoyed watching it and still will. I’m really anticipating Eli’s and Ji Hae’s date the most. Hopefully it comes out soon and thank you so much for subbing it. Your hard work is really loved, I’m not just saying that. Again, thanks! =)
  8. thank you so much for the subbed version of we are dating
    i’m hoping u guys can uplod it in mf
    i’ll always waiting for ur sub
  9. Thank you very much ! I waited this episode with impatiently. Thank you also for the first episode that you have translate. I registered to thank you.
    I appreciate your work. FIGHTING !
  10. Thank you so much for subbing^^ I really appreciate all your hard work^^ You guys are so awesome and dedicated^^ Thank you so much once again :)
  11. u guys is the best :D n u guys released the subbed video quite fast too ^^

    and can i suggest u something, maybe u should make ur video unlisted, or maybe renamed it because MBC kind of removing their videos in YT kinda fast if u name the show.

    thanks a lot subbing team!

  12. Thank you for subbing!! I like the couple MinahxXander a lot ^^

    You guys are super fast so props to you !! :)

  13. i love Xander and Minah couple! i knew they would look cute together. LOL. while i was loading it. i died for the first 30 seconds.
    i love how Xander shouts that Minah is his girlfriend to KiSeop. ;p SO CUTE! and the couple hooodie. GOSH. SO CUTE!
    i even forgot how their age differences here. HEHEHE.

    thanks so much GDD subs! you guys are awesome! keep it going! cant wait for the other couples! ^^ HEHEHE.

  14. Thank you for this part ! Eli and Jihae form an odd couple! xD
    But I love the couple Alexander and Minah, they are adorable. They have the same blood groups and Alexander said (in U-KISS Vampire) than those of the same group have a bond between them.

    Again thank you for you excellent work !

  15. Achel/tammy/sen/Haylie (hope i spelt her name right :P) Thanks for subbing the Jihae/Eli couple so quick
  16. wow yay for jihae/eli couple
    I’m sure those two are going to be.. interesting?? LOL
    *don’t know why, but it’s the couple I’m anticipating the most
    from the first epi*
    and thank you again&again for your fast and detailed work <3
  17. If you all need a break, so OK. You all work hard. We should be thankful for what you have done and sure… we appreciate it.
  18. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! im really thankful for the time u spend subbing these videos! THANK YOU!
  19. LOL! I like the awkward tensions with the Eli and JiHae couple. They are seriously so cute! ahah. I wonder what they are going to do next… Well lastly we have the Soohyun and Yura couple, can’t wait for that now. ahah. Thanks for subbing! =)
  20. they are so funny..i really enjoy the show.and really really hope Jihae couple can become closer soon..also thx for translating for us to watch
  21. Thank you very much for subbing this! You guys are amazingly fast, idk how you do it with just three members!

    Thank you again!

  22. Thank you for subbing! You are amazingly fast BDDD FIGHTING, girls! We TRULY appreciate your great efforts! Don’t care for the impatient visitors! If they can’t wait they are free to watch the show without subs!
  23. It’s okay. THANK YOU FOR SUBBING THIS!!! I love u-kiss and will get to know girl’s day better throughout the show with the help of your subs :D
  24. Thanks for doing such an amazing works! kekeke
    Really really fast!
    My fave couple AlMin!! kkkk They’re hyper lol!
    Minah is sooooo pretty! kkkk
    ElHae are so awkward! kkkk Eli you should threat Jihae better! She is my noona! kekeke
    Can’t wait SooRa couple >.<

    Thanks again. Thanks very muchh!!!

  25. aw…ji hae and eli fighting…why so short..?

    anyways, thanks…

    i am so shipping JI HAE AND ELI…hehehe

  26. thank you so much!!
    i cant believe how quick you guys are~
    i live in america and i have the global mbc every1 channel
    but all the shows are one week behind korea,
    and you manage to get the subbed version of an episode out
    before it even airs on my tv xD
    hehe im a kiss me, but really truly are liking girls day a lot
  27. thank you again for your effort of subbing the show! Really appreciate it!

    Waiting for Soohyun*Yura couple *winks*

  28. Jihae and Eli looks like shy couple while Minah and Xander looks like happy couple….Minah and Xander are always laugh but Jihae and Eli are always quiet……I think Minah and Xander are great couple! ^.^
  29. kamsahamnida!!^^
    ahehe i really like the xaNDER minha couple..
    funny and they liked each other..eli and jihae are awkward..
    cant wait for soohyun!! haha in ukiss vamire..he is the most romantic and sweet..hehe
  30. aww.. the Minah Xander couple is so cute..
    both are so lively n playful.. :)
    thanks a lot for subbing it.. much appreciated.. :)
  31. this morning i just finished dl the xander – minah couple and now eli – jihae couple is already out!!!
    u guys are so amazing
    thanks for all ur hardwork
    i’d really appreciate it
  32. haha love the minah – xander couple alot! they’re so hyper xD
    thanks alot for your hard work, really appreciate it.
    Hope you finish subbing the yura – soohyun couple soon! :D
  33. thank you again for the eng sub! MINAH XANDER are so cute! i laughed in their every interaction with each other but JIHAE ELI is more interesting, i wonder how they can be close ^_^ hwaiting for YURA SOOHYUN vidz :)
  34. Thank you so much for all your hard work, its really really appreciated. however, if you need any help, i think a good idea would be to join forces with rocketboxx (U-kiss forum) They are subbing it as well, and its a bit odd seeing it from two different places if its the same thing O_O it would be so cool if you guys did it together. Fighting~

    PS: thanks for making me a girls day fan ^_^ i really like them now

  35. Thank you so much for the quick sub on Eli/Jihae couple… Although this couple seems to be very awkward… I’m really looking forward to see how their relationship develop.. it would be really fun .. keke :)
  36. i just want to say thanks so much for deciding to sub We Are Dating <333
    no matter how you guys do it i'll always support you guys! <333
  37. Thank you for the subs! I love that you are doing the couples individually! I can’t help but become a Girl’s Day fan after seeing this show!

    Please take your time and know that your work is appreciated!

  38. Thats amazing xD can’t stop laugh. I really like Jihae and Eli xD Their awkwardness makes me laugh, they look cute <3
  39. I’m really thankfull for your hard work in order to bring us the subs for this wonderful show.
    Thank you very much!
  40. Thanks so much for the subs! It’s really appreciated! Because of this show I’m really starting to love Girl’s Day! ^^
    Girl’s Day Daily fighting~!
  41. tanks for the subs…….i don’t care if it late or what, we all can wait…..take your time, we love you for your great job.(^_^)
  42. Im excited to watch xander and minah couple.. i also want jihae to teach eli to be more gentleman.. haha! Soohyun is sweet but they need to work more…♥ thanks for the sub! i’m a KISS ME and GIRLS DAY fan now!!!!
  43. thak u so much for the hard work … can i ask u something? Is it juss me who cant see soohyun cut or its not up yet?
  44. thank you so much…for uploading it
    its a hard work…and i’m very appreciate it
    cant wait for watch the next video…
  45. keep subbing we are dating guys coz i’m truly fans u-kiss and girls day especially Xander and MinAh. so for you subbing team, fighting! i will always leave comment for supporting you .. fighting fighting !!
  46. Thanks so much for the eng subs. We love you guys. Too bad Minah is too young for Xander. They are fun to watch and soooo cute.
  47. Thank you for taking the time and subbing and uploading the episodes!!
    Ahh Minah and Xander look so cute together!
  48. I am seriously excited when you guys tweeted about Soohyun-Yura cuts have been released^^ Thanks so much for all the subbers^^ You guys are awesome!!^^
  49. thank you so much, really!! <3
    right now I'm so excited that I think
    I'm going to watch it on YT like.. NOW!!! LOL
  50. thanks once again for subtitling and sharing.i finish all the parts.i really enjoyed the show.and i know now Hyeri sweats a lot.haha
  51. Thanks so much! I don’t know how I would survive without the amazing Girls Day Daily subbing team! You are awesome!
    Yura and Soohyun are just so cute~~
  52. oh so you make it like WGM make it cuts to each couple~ haha that’s cute XD
    actually I haven’t got the chance to watch this show from ep 1 since I didn’t have laptop until now ._.
    I’ll catch up now thank you so much for taking the time in subbing this~ really just take your time just knowing you’ll eventually release all episodes already makes me happy ^^
  53. Yes thank you girlsdaydaily very much for subbing these episodes. It’s so much easier to understand what they’re saying^^
  54. really appreciate the hard work. forget those complainers because they just don’t appreciate it the same way. so take your time guys, these are quality subbed eps =]
  55. Thank You! I have just finished watching all 3 dates and I like the fact that I actually know what they are saying.

    I loved all three couples, but I am rooting for the underdog couple Eli & Jihae. Although the other two couples are extremely adorable and I have no doubt that the next three months will go smoothly.

  56. Thank you so much for uploading the download links as well as YT videos :) you’ve worked really hard and i appreciate it all!
  57. Thanks for subbing them team! If only I’m not capped, I will download these and watch it over and over again! But don’t worry. I bookmarked it! Hehehe! Fighting!
  58. hey, thanks for subbing! :) really appreciate it. i’m now liking GirlsDay more and more. And i like the Itaewon couple! :) will continue to watch this show!
  59. There are people who are rushing you gals?! TskTskTsk. Seriously i tink you gals are really jjang for subbing so fast! Even if you are not (which I understand; u all also have ur ownl life too), we TRUE fans do not mind waiting for ur vids! THANK YOU SUBBERS!!
  60. Thank you so much for subbing this show and to share it with us !
    I love Xander x Minha couple ! They’re so lovely ^^
  61. Thanks alot for subbing the show guys! It’s really good so far, and it only looks like it’ll get better! xander and minah “the baby panda” couple look like the best couple so far (imo), but we’ll see what happens!
  62. yaaaaaaaayy thank you for the sub!! ^^
    xanderxminah couple is just too adorable <3 and soohyun is just soooooo romantic! yura must be happy, hehe
    elixjihae couple is still very awkward but i think they just need some more times~ :) bcoz all of them are jjang like that keke~

    cant wait for the next episode! ^^ girlsdaydaily subbing team hwaiting!!!

  63. thank you guys for subbing & sharing :)

    just a note: MINAH XANDER COUPLE does not have a Mediafire link!

  64. haha……jihae and eli couple really awkward…..hope they comfortable with each other next time……thanks for subbing and sharing the video…..
  65. thanks for subbing! really appreciate it! don’t mean to be rude, but why are they cuts instead of a full episode?
  66. Delayed reaction from me here…
    Haven’t even watched the first episode yet. >_<
    Thank you for all the hard work!

    I seem to do very little yet never get time to watch shows.
    I'm not sure how that happens. T_T

  67. Thank you so much for subbing WAD. Ignore and ban those rude people asking when stuff will out. Take your time if need be. I will be patiently wait for subs. Thank You!
  68. Don’t worry about the people who are rushing we really are really thankful for your hard work. Thank you WAD and GDD Hwaiting!♥
  69. Yay! Thank you for the subs!

    I’m starting to see how scripted this show is… Eli isn’t like that on any other show, he’s actually really nice and friendly. I’ve watched every U-Kiss variety show and I’ve never seen him be so awkward. o__O

  70. thanks so much for subbing! :) is there any possibility of you guys uploading Minah & Alexander’s part onto MF? im having trouble downloading off of MU and i think some others have a similar problem..
  71. I had SOOOOOO much fun watching Minah and Xander.

    I hope the other couples would be less awkward towards one another in the next episode. =D

  72. thx so much for this!!! I’ve been looking for the subbed.

    and can you upload xander&minah’s part in mediafire also? I can’t dl from |MU

  73. Thanks again for uploading! I was hoping for 1 file with full episode but this will do it! Fighting!~

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