[PIC/TRANS] 101220 Girl’s Day Minah Twitter Update with girlsdaydaily Gift

It is official, now all 5 members have used our gifts and there has been photo confirmation of all of them. We look forward to more updates from them, but now we can rest more at ease. We’re now looking forward to the 2011 project, with everyone’s help the project can be just as successful.


우리의 빵꾸똥꾸지희!! 전쟁이다!!

Translation: My “Ppanggu ddonggu” Ji hee!! Now we’re at war!!

Note: “Ppanggu ddonggu” is a new buzz word from a sitcom. There’s no direct translation, however, “toot” seems to fit best. Minah was playfully using the catch phrase.


achel’s life is finally complete. Minah has been spotted wearing one of the gifts. ^-^  – Tammy


Source: Minah’s Twitter
Translated By: sen

5 thoughts on “[PIC/TRANS] 101220 Girl’s Day Minah Twitter Update with girlsdaydaily Gift

  1. Lol achel’s life is complete :P

    Its nice to see now that all the girls have liked what you guys brought them. Nice job those who were involved.

    She does look cute in the pic.

  2. yay! xD all 5 wore a gift!! xD
    and jihee!! xD i love that sitcom!! :)
    i wonder why they were together… hmm
    thanks for sharing!
  3. Ya I’ve been wondering why they were together too. Probably something they were filming.

    lol achel’s life is complete. ^__^

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