[PICS] 101221 Girl’s Day – Job Star ‘일단맡겨’

I believe this is the show Yura was talking about in We Are Dating. She had mentioned that she had been to a sauna before for a previous taping of a show.



Source: newsen
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4 thoughts on “[PICS] 101221 Girl’s Day – Job Star ‘일단맡겨’

  1. when i’m doing the timing for yura’s cut, i was wondering which show was she talking about.. but here it is! <3

    The girls so pretty.. i love sojin's hair in this show!
    and minah first pic <3333333333333333333333333

  2. swear… i love the first pic, now one of my favourite pictures of them. hyeri’s so cute with that towel (in sheep form) on her hair XD

    Want to watch this one… ^o^

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