[PICS] 101221 We Are Dating Ep 3 – Girl’s Day & UKISS


Source: MBC Every1 (Thanks reen)
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17 thoughts on “[PICS] 101221 We Are Dating Ep 3 – Girl’s Day & UKISS

  1. waaaahhhhh…

    i am so excited for this episode….

    eli and ji hae is getting closer to each other….

    co loving it… :D

  2. Seeing these pictures make me cannot wait for the next episode, it seems so interesting, I am looking forward to this^^ Thanks so much for sharing^^
  3. KYAAAA. looks like Eli and Jihae got alot closer then before? :D hehehe. D’AWWWW. ;p

    Xander and Minah, cute as always. :3

    thanks for sharing! and spoiling. jk. HEHEHE. <3

  4. they went iceskating AND lotte world!! :(
    man i wish i went with them~
    only if i went to korea this year… i would have followed them xD
    minah and xander looks so cute when they are like ‘mad’
    and the first pic of jihae and eli is soo cute!
  5. awww so cute.. ahahh i can’t wait to see it.. i love the Eli &nd JiHae couple because i love Eli and Jihae.. but the Alexander and Minah are just plain adorable.. heheh;)
  6. Loving the Minah and Xander couple, they look like they’re having so much fun… While the Eli and Ji Hae couple still look so awkward from just looking at the pictures. aha.
  7. keke i just cant wait to see this episodes. these pics are so cute. lol at the singing parts, looks like so much fun >.<
  8. Squee! ♥ I can’t wait to watch the next ep~
    The Alexander & Minah couple are still has hyper and awesome as ever~~ :DD ♥v♥
    I wish the Eli & Jihae couple all da’ best~ (:

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