[SHOW/DL] 101224 We Are Dating Ep. 3 – Girl’s Day & UKISS

Here is the RAW (unsubbed) version of Episode 3, we uploaded it for those who want to watch and enjoy the show before the English Subs are released. Due to the holiday, expect a delay in the release of the subbed version. We will work at our own pace, so please understand that.







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20 thoughts on “[SHOW/DL] 101224 We Are Dating Ep. 3 – Girl’s Day & UKISS

  1. yay you guys are SO fast
    thank you and Merry Christmas everybody <3
    ^ it should be: 우리 연애합니다
    (don't know how to read it tough ^^"
    just did copy and paste LOL)
  2. thank you for uploading the RAW version.
    can’t wait for the next part.
    btw i will always supporting you guys for your hard work to subbing this programme [coz i love this programme so much, especially Xander and MinAh. They are so cute!]. I will always supporting you with leave my comment.
    so, don’t stop for subbing this.
    thank you soooo much girls day daily and subber team!!
    fighting fighting figthing !!
  3. thank you guys for uploading the RAW version.
    i will always supporting you for your hard work to subbing this programme coz i love this programme so much. especially Xander and MinAh couple. They are so cute when dating and all the way they are!
    i will always supporting you with leave my comment.
    thank you so much for girls day daily and subber team.
    fighting fighting fighting !!
  4. Please re upload Part 3 because it said the video is unavailable. Thank you for uploading and all the hard work to subbing this programme.
  5. thank you so much for uploading the raw <333
    this is soo romantic…
    all the dates especially soohyun and yuras x3
    ahh~ so lovely~ makes me want to find a date huhu~
  6. Thanks for uploading!!!

    I love Xander & Minah. They’re so fun to watch.

    Soohyun & Yura — wow Soohyun is totally Blood Type A. He’s so organized and so thoughtful! He’s so romantic.

    I can’t wait to see what else can happen between Eli and Jihae. It’s so painfully awkward!

  7. Okay… I squealed, giggled and LOLLed alot on this episode.
    Even though it breaks my eli-yura hope, i honestly believe of and love the pairings now…

    Eli-Jihae, that’s the spirit. “Dear Baby, annyeong Baby” … Nosebleeds for the word ‘baby’. <3 <3 <3 i love how they're going, awkward to betterment!

    Minah-Xander FTW! LOL the whole time, so cute together! I wish i was one of those people in lotte world. <3 Stalk***

    Soohyun-yura at first i thought, wth is a date in a facial? XD then the dinner comes along ooh love~~ yura so stunningly pretty. soohyun possesses a side of my ideal guy omo! <3

  8. I so love Soohyun and Yura couple, they’re my fave!! Sooohyunnn is so my ideal type, he’s perfect in all ways, he can be romantic, funny, sweet and caring at all times. He sings well, dances well and good looking. Any girl would be lucky to have him,.. Even if he doesn’t prepare anything, I’d still love him. Soohyun Fighting!
    Everyone’s saying the minah alexander couple so cute.but I think they’re trying too hard to be the fun couple, and it’s annoying, sorrrrry, I don’t mean it in a wrong way..
  9. thanks again for subbin this. looks like all the couples are doin a lot better now. hoping for more romance now.keke
  10. We are dating is like We are married the couples are almost the same lol
    Soohyun and Yura is like Nickhun and Victoria Romantic and all one
    Eli and Jihae is like Seohyun and Junghwa Awkward abit one
    Minah and Alexander is like Gain and Jokwon Funny and outgoing one
  11. Wahhh!!!! I L♥ve all the couples.. ELI-JIHAE Couple is getting really really interesting.. XANDER-MINAH Couple as expected is really funny they made me laugh… SOOHYUN-YURA Couple is so real he really planned everything…

    Thank u for the RAW vid and for the Subbed vid!!!♥

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