[TRANS] 101223 Girl’s Day Minah tweeting Xander

모두들 행복한 크리스마스되세요 :) 하트뿅뿅
Translation: Happy Christmas to everyone  Heart ppyong ppyong.


Minah: @alexander_0729 달콩! 오늘진짜 고생많았웅 >^< 감기약 꼭 먹구자길! Marry christmas
Translation: Sweetie! You worked so much today >^< Don’t forget to take cold medicine before you go to sleep! Marry christmas

Xander: @Girls_Day_Minah 바보알콩~ ″Merry″ Christmas 거든! ㅋㅋ~ 오늘수고했어~ 감기빨리나~^-^
Translation: You fool, darling~ It’s “Merry” Christmas! kk~ You worked hard~ Recover from a cold~^-^


Minah: @alexander_0729 에헤…. 헷갈릴수도있는거지~^____^ 싱가폴가서 선물사오셩!!!!크크
Translation: Ehe… I could be mistaken~^____^ Buy gifts for me in Singapore!!!! kk


Source: Minah & Xander’s Twitter
Translated By: sen
Shared By: girlsdaydaily

9 thoughts on “[TRANS] 101223 Girl’s Day Minah tweeting Xander

  1. They are so cute, I was so excited when I saw MinAh tweeting Xander oppa, sweetie and darling,ahhhhh XD
    Thanks so much for the translation^^

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