[ENG SUB/DL] 101224 We are Dating Ep 3 – Girl’s Day and UKISS Completed

The amazing art of Kukay!!!!!

Thank you Kuks we truly appreciate it. ^-^

Please leave us a lot of comments <3


(Yay did all this in 5 days)

Translators: Sen
Editor: Tammy
Timing & Encoding: Achel


QUESTION: Why does Minah & Xander couple only has 1 part?

Minah & Xander couple is only 1 Part because it’s only 14 minutes video
While the other couple (Jihae-Eli) is more than 15 mins (15:33)~ (Yura-Soohyun) (15:20)  (and youtube only allowed 15 minutes length max each video) so~ i had to cut them into two parts, and leave minah’s part alone as 1~ Hope this will cleared up things up. Thanks!




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154 thoughts on “[ENG SUB/DL] 101224 We are Dating Ep 3 – Girl’s Day and UKISS Completed

  1. thank you SO much,
    as one of the many people that are enjoying your work
    I really did feel ashamed about the entirely WAD issue..
    and I hope in the future you’ll receive even more support,
    cause you definitively deserve it, FIGHTIN!!
  2. ahh!! thanks for subbing! haha i think that their nickname “baby” is still awkward, but they’re a cute couple! i hope eli oppa can be more comfortable after this date! ^^
  3. thank you! you guys are doing great, it’s really appreciated~ (:
    jihae and eli are still awkward but they’re getting there. it’s kind of adorable now haha. i can’t wait to see how their relationship develops~
  4. Kansahamnida! For each subbed epi that u have released, it never fails to amaze me how fast u gals/guys sub. Think that the measures you have taken its good. Kick those ungrateful lot outta here^^

    Anyway, GirlsDay and U-KISS fighting! Subbers Fighting! Diamonds and KissMe fighting!

  5. thank you so much! really love eli and jihae couple. i find their akwardness so funny. i think its more realistic.^_^
  6. Thank you so much for sharing^^
    You guys are really amazing^^
    Keep up the good work^^
    Girls Day Daily fighting!!^^
  7. Thanks for the fast subs! Appreciate them! ^^

    Omg, looks like Eli-Jihae really improved alot as compared to the last date! Haha. Jihae really surprised me with the cake and stuff. She had indeed put in effort in making sure they aren’t awkward. Hope Eli will be like Xander/Soohyun! Eli-yah! Please dont be shy anymore! Lol.

  8. thanks so much for the subs ^^ i really like girl’s day better now xD and yeeeey for eli and jihae; i’m glad they are getting closer. it seems they both are trying to make this work :d
  9. Thank you sososososososososo much for taking on this project and subbing this awesome show! I love the “Awkward couple” ^3^ Jihae is being upgraded to my favorite Girl’s Day member after seeing this xD
  10. Thank you so much for subbing this show !! >w<
    Eli and Jihae are so cute when they call each other "baby" ^o^
    I think they will be less and less awkward on their next dates ! =)
    I'm looking forward to this couple now !
  11. wee another episode! thank you so much for subbing <3 i havent chosen my favorite couple yet =X all the couples are so cute with each other!
  12. Thank you thank you for the subs!
    My first language is spanish but I can at least see it in english haha thanks a lot, i’m falling in love with these girls!
    A lot of love from Colombia, South America. Gracias! Te quiero <3
  13. thanks for subbing this show,
    i really like Eli & Jihae couple :D
    i hope that they will start doing more skinship lol
  14. I’ve been waiting for ep 3. thank you very much.
    still haven’t watched Yura-Soohyun couple yet. i’ll hold up for eli-jihae part :D.

    take your time staffs~~~ don’t mind haters! you have us loyal fans!!!

  15. Thanks for the fast subs! Don’t understand why people are still rushing you guys even though its the holidays and for the fact you guys are already working your butt off! Anw thanks and fighting!
  16. thank you soooo much for subbing gdd!
    I am really amazed. you could get this subbing done in a matter of days :o
    I am so happy Girl’s Day have fans like gdd staffs because you are all so dedicated ^^
    just brush off those immature Kiss Mes just think after a few episodes everyone will start loving WAD couples like WGM :D
    hehe again thanks a lot! ^^
  17. Thanks so very much for subbing this show! It’s proving to be very cute and enjoyable~
    I appreciate your hard work!
  18. wow. thanks so much for making time do sub throughout the holiday. GDD rocks! really appreciate it! <3

    knew Eli and Jihae could make it through the awkward-ness. ;P hehehe. Xander and Minah's date looks fun! ;p hehehe. Minah is adorable! and i love the gift at the end too. AWW. Xander is such a nice boyfriend. :D

    cant wait for Yura-Soohyun couple. thanks guys! hwaiting!

  19. Thanks for working so hard during the holidays. The subbing is great and I was really surprised at how fast you did it. I finally picked a favorite couple. It has to be eli-jihae. They seem more realistic. Love you guys.
  20. Thank you very much for these subs! I know how hard you guys have worked especially over Christmas so really thank you!
  21. omg, thanks so much for the fast subs!! =DD i really apreciate it >.< although one link seems to be broken or something.. =( but at least there's the other one to see! ^^
  22. aww :3 thank you so much for the WONDERFUL SUBS :))I can’t wait for SooHyun & Yura’s date :) haha <3
    BRW, your youtube account (gddailysubs) was erased right :(
  23. Eli and Ji Hae couple are getting along better now! =) I really wanted to see and hear Eli sing.
    Minah and Xander’s part is funny. I really want to go to an amusement park right now after seeing that. The viking and the roller coaster looks really fun. And Xander screaming was funny. I love how he gives her gifts. =)) The necklace is cute. I wonder if Minah is going to take a seleca with the lip necklace.
    I really want longer parts to these dates, it seems to end so fast. Well thank you again girlsdaydaily for subbing this with out a few people.
  24. awww you’re really really fast!
    thanks so much for taking time of ur holiday and subbing these! ^^
    I know there are many ppl who are really unrespectful and ungrateful!
    Don’t let u take down by such ppl! ^^
    u have us who support and love u for all the things you’re doing for us!!
  25. thank you for minah-xander cut too!!! I laugh so much my bed was trembling.. minah so cute and 4D!! and xander.. SO scared LOL GDD team FIGHTIN <3
  26. Thank you for the hard work as always GDD team!
    After finally watching ep 2 I’m really looking forward to this.
    Keep up the brilliant work, all these comments show how much we appreciate your efforts! ^_^

    GDD Fighting!

  27. waaaaahhh!! I did not expected it to be out THIS soon
    kamsanmidaa!!! *off to watch The romantic couple* LOL



  29. Wow~ thanks so much for the eng sub~ really appreciate it~
    You subbers rawkz~~ Thanks for the subs dat now~ im liking
    Girls Day~ thanks again~ c”,)
  30. thank you for subbing this so fast <33 i enjoyed watching this, although i only watched elihae couple :p they are my favourite by now XD

    thks again you guys are awesome^-^

  31. Thank you for all the hard work! I love two of the couples and really dislike the third. Regardless I will tune in and watch all three couples as they date over the next three months.
  32. SOOHYUN….SERIOUSLY…YOU DA MAN BRO! YOU ARE 100% MY IDOL NOW! I expected minah and xander to be the best couple this episode like last week, but they easily took second place to Yura and Soohyun. I’m eagerly anticipating what Soohyun the event master will do next! Thank you so much for the subs gddaily, you rock!
  33. gosh, i love you guys so much!!! thanks for subbing! now i’ll take my time and watch the whole ep. GDD fighting!!!! <3
  34. Thank you for the subs ! You’re super fast ! I love Xander and Minah couple. They’re so funny and cute together…
  35. I love the Soohyun and Yura parts, I guess it’s how Soohyun always plans everything out. They sure make a romantic couple. It’s really sweet, if I were Yura I would blush every time (because that’s just how I am when someone does something sweet like that). And he even played the tune to Eru’s White Snow! Thank you again for subbing it! I’m in love with this show. They should have it for many years coming although Girl’s Day and Ukiss will always make it the best! I wish all 5 members of Girl’s day could have done this too.
  36. Thank you sooo much for the subs ! You did a great job again haha ~
    And the fanart is pretty cool ! Should i do something too ? Haha, will send you mine too soon :) ♥
  37. omg u guys are AWESOME!!!!LIKE TOTALLY AWESOME!!!
    thank you very much for ur hardwork~
    wish u will continue subbing for this…
  38. thx so much.i feel happy towards the Jihae couple can be in this situation like this compared to last week one.Yura couple is so sweet too.
  39. TAHNK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU FOR THE SUBS!! I think everybody rl appreciates it!!♥
    Woo, this episode was sweet. My fave couple has been Minah and Alexander since the show started, but seeing what Soohyun made for Yura… Oh God, that was soo nice of him! What a romantic prince! I’ve always dreamed about someone like him! Aw, that was AWESOME! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
  40. Thanks 4 subbing!!after watching this episodes im starting to fall in love more with u-kiss and girl´s day. thanks again <3<3
  41. thank you for da sub
    awww so jealous of yura..soohyun so romantic

    minah + xander is <333333 xander is my bias,i feel jealous but i like minah too..hwaiting!!!

  42. thank you so much for subbing and sharing this show….there’s a lot of improvement with the couple….eli and jihae seems better than before…..hope they’ll get closer
  43. thank you very much for the subs.

    Xander-Minah is always lively, I had watching them.
    Hope Eli-Jihae will get closer soon
    and omggggg Soohyun – Yura, Lol soohyun is like a dream boyfriend XD

  44. i really love the eli & jihae couple… eventhough they look awkward together but it is nice to see “shy-shy cat”…heheee..thanks for the upload and sub….i’m really2 appreaciate that…
  45. ah this show plus WGM and Running man sure makes my week.
    it seems I’m a sucker for awkward couples, first yongseo and now eli and jihae. i don’t know why but i just like the progression from awkward to possibly something good. i just hope they can follow in yongseo’s footsteps
  46. Wow, this is great, I just finish watching the first three eps. Don’t hate me for not posting on the first two. I did enjoy them. My fav couple right now is Xander and Minah, though Minah can be a little much. Soohyun had the perfect date, my only problem was that it was too early for that kind of date. That was more like an anniversary date. So it made this show seem a little unrealistic, but it was so sweet so I’ll let it slide. Now the last couple, they just have no chemistry. I don’t feel it even a little. Maybe it’ll grow later. N E WAY thanks for the work, I am enjoying myself.
  47. Omgggg. xDD I’m loving Yura x Soohyun couple now too! SO CUTE! ahhhh!

    Thanks so much for the subs!

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