[SHOW] 101231 We Are Dating Ep. 4 – Girl’s Day & UKISS

Here is the RAW version for those who want to watch it before we release the English subbed parts.









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17 thoughts on “[SHOW] 101231 We Are Dating Ep. 4 – Girl’s Day & UKISS

  1. wow super thanks for uploading. i think the tension between eli and jihae will turn into something wonderful in the end. I’m keeping my hope’s up.
  2. i personally love the eli and jihae couple much more then the others :D although alexander and minah always makes me laugh! XD

    I have a feeling that at the end, eli and jihae will actaully be the sweetest couple out of the 3 :D

    i wonder if they will get a chance to go on we got married ? <3

  3. why’s eli and jihae’s part so short? :( i would love to watch them much longer ^^
    alexander and minah are such a cute couple. they match pretty well to me
  4. my heart beats for soohyun-yura! incredibly adorable! HAHA! if Soohyun does those things to me, ill (in no doubt) fall in! XD
    im liking the other couples as well.
    Minah-and-xander never fail to make me laugh!
    Jihae and eli always amuse me, i know there’s something will bloom between them. iL wait for it. fighting!
  5. I love Eli and Jihae. Reason why is because even thoughthey are awkward they develop skinship so quickly and it’s cute to see them progress so fast. I also love how we don’t need words to understand what they are feeling/thinking about each other cause it’s all in their eyes. It’s so cute. My personal favorite couple. Just waiting for that bud to bloom now.

    Soohyun and Yura are so cute~ Xander and Minah make me laugh, they are definitely the Vitamin C couple <3

  6. honestly im not korean or anything im just a white guy and have got into kpop recently and love it. I love watching we got married and when i saw this show i thought id give it a watch even tho i never really heard of ukiss or girls day but i have to say ive become a huge fan of this show all the couples are exceptionally awesome. keep up the good work
  7. Thanks for uploading this episode!
    they hold hand a lot in yoga practice =]
    it kind of bothers me when jihae touched eli’s legs,
    something wasn’t right from that scene lol
  8. I also love the Eli-Jihae couple. I fall in love with them each episode. They are just so cute together. When they look into each other’s eyes you can the feeling they have for each other. I like Minah and Alexander couple because they are funny, but they do not seem like a couple more like best friends.
  9. Thank you so much for sharing this^^
    I am so excited to watch the couples’ development especially EliHae XD
    Girls Day Daily jjang!!^^
  10. keke. thanks for sharing the raws first!
    i can’t wait for the subbed version although i’ll try to patiently wait for it =D
    thanks for all the hardwork that you guys have shown <333, hwaiting! ^__^

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