[TRANS] 101228~29 Lee Jiin tweeting Girl’s Day Jihae

We remember how close Jihae and Jiin were with each other, and their recent tweets to each other are really sweet. I really miss Jiin, but hopefully with her new twitter we can connect with her again and show her that she still has the support of fans.


Jiin: @Girls_Day_Jihae 지해씨~나에요 지인이~~
Translation: Jihae~ It’s me Jiin~~

Jihae: @jiin313 사랑하오 지인양
Translation:I love you Jiin.

Jiin: @Girls_Day_Jihae ㅋㅋㅋㅋ내가더더더
Translation:kkkk I love you more than you do.

@Girls_Day_Jihae 스키장누구랑갔어!!
Translation:Who did you go to the ski resort with?

@Girls_Day_Jihae ㅋㅋ이뿌게 찍그와~
Translation:kk Take pretty pictures~

Jihae: @jiin313 방송하러ㅠㅠ으앙 얼어죽을거같애 ㅋㅋㅋ
Translation:I’m going to shoot for a broadcast ㅠㅠ Ah I feel like I’m freezing to death kkk.


Source: Jiin & Jihae’s Twitter

Translated By: sen@ girlsdaydaily

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