[ENG SUB/DL] 101231 We are Dating Ep 4 Girl’s Day and UKISS COMPLETED

The amazing art of Kukay!!!!!

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Translators: Sen
Editor: Tammy
Timing: Paul
Styling & Encoding: Achel



01. Why does the Minah-Xander Couple have 2 parts, while the other couples have only 1 part?

It’s because apparently Minah-Xander couple had the longest cut out of the other two which is about 22 mins. The Jihae and Yura Couple has only 1 part because each of them had only about 11 mins~ So I hope this answers your questions.



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144 thoughts on “[ENG SUB/DL] 101231 We are Dating Ep 4 Girl’s Day and UKISS COMPLETED

  1. Waaah you guys sub so fast! Thanks for your hard work. :)

    Just out of curiosity, which is your favorite couple so far? :3

    i know it’s hard to sub things, period, especially under such a pressed time frame. I appreciate your work~
  3. Thank you so much for the subs!! As always, the team is REALLY really fast ^^ Those members of Girls Day and U-Kiss look so good together !! I can’t belive I’m still awake(It’s 2AM) just to watch the english subs of the YURA SOOHYUN couple, lol. :)
  4. seriously..you guys made a great job!
    thanks for your hard work..really appreciate it..
    thank you.. ^^
  5. Thank you so much for this^^
    You guys are really amazing!!
    I am so downloading this^^
    GDD subbers fighting!!^^
  6. woahh so fast!! thanks guys, you’re all amazing! One more time, thank you so much.. i always support ^^ Thanks!!! Chu~ :* ^^
    God Bless :)
  7. omg thanks soooo much :) . . . if your purpose was to make people love and support girls day, you just accomplished it, these girls are so cute and unique
  8. you guys are awesome. (:
    that’s why we really post your great works
    in our blog but of course we never forget to
    credit your blog. ^^

    hope you won’t get tired of subbing each episode. :P
    we really appreciate it for non-korean fans like
    us. ♥

    girlsday! fighting! ^^

  9. really loving and appreciate what you guys are doing for the non-korean speaking community. happy new year to you guys!
  10. thank you very much . Ur subs are fast n its very good .
    i hope to help but i cant understand korean . Sry the much !
  11. i used to know n like only minah…
    but u guys are doing a great job by subbing this series…n i got to learn more bout jihae n yura too!
    and u guys are superfast!!
    hats off to ur team!
  12. thank u soo much!! ^^
    and pls don’t care about those who are complaining or rushing u ^^
    we, the true fans, can wait patiently ^^

    Thanks a lot again for the subs!

  13. omg so happy that you subbed romantic couple first this time! Thank you so much! I was happy whole day because of them and this~
  14. thanks so much for this =] I’m a huge fan of the romantic couple and I’m glad you guys are subing it~ =]
  15. First couple is out! Thank you very much for your hard work. I know what a pain subbing is. Really, really thank you!
  16. thanks very much.. you always the fastest uploading these videos. really2 appreciate it.. hugs and kisses~~ muah muah muah
  17. thanks for the sub…you guys doing a great job, just ignore the negative comment. you know we love you.(^_^)
  18. what a surprise…hehehe

    i will never get tired of thanking you guys..

    my awkward couple is now here..thank you very very very BIG..<3

  19. Thank you for subbing, I’ve just become a big fan of the girls and love this show. Awkward Couple Fighting!
  20. The awkward couple cut!!!
    I am so thankful and I can’t thank you guys enough
    You guys are so awesome!!
    Thank you so much once again!!!^^
  21. I like U-Kiss in variety shows and with their own show kind of thing… I don’t know why they aren’t featured so often! Also, the girls of Girls Day are cute and they are the kind that grows on you… I don’t know what haters see. Pff, oh well. More Girls Day for us. Lol! I heart Minah! :)
  22. thanks for the sub!! I love watching this show!!
    it seems like jihae is trying a lot harder than eli in improving their relationship..i reckon things wud be less awkward for the awkward couple if eli starts talking more to jihae….idk reckon its pretty mean of him to be 30 min late and only say “i was only 30 mins late” well im no love expert but jst saying from my perspective ^^
    I love the xander and minah couple best!! they look like a real couple <3
  23. I do not see how people can complain. Your team is great and I appreciate them a lot. You team does not have to do what they do, so everyone should respect them. Keep up the good work. Fighting! Love you all.
  24. Hey,

    i really like you work. You guys are amazing.
    But I can´t watch the Part from elli and Jihae because I´m
    from Germany and youtube has some problems. Can you only download the Jihae and Elli part on dailymotion or somewhere else. Like facebook, please <3

  25. Im sad t say this and I’m Eli bias but he doesn t care or like Ji Hae!! I’m dissapointed….Is obvious and it wont change feel bad for her thougn
  26. awkward eli and jihae will have a lot to prove alright.but definitely they add the necessary spice to this program. love it!!!! thanks guys for the subs. This show definitely made my new year right.
  27. Oh my God. I just watched the episodes. Eli and Jiahe are still my favorite couple. It was so funny when she hit him for being late. He deserved it. Thinking of couples yoga was brilliant. Of course, Yuri and Soohyun are great together. He thinks of everything. What a thoughful boyfriend. Great match.
  28. thank you for the subs <3 ~
    this program is so great I'm addicted, I think it's more exciting than WGM.. I love the romantic couple I wish yura has the guts to hug soohyun that would be DAEBAK kkkkk.. i think I'm in love with him he's so kind a romantic..
    the awkward couple made a progress this time , but I think the problem is with Eli although I liked him at the first ep but I would love it if he treats Jihae better I still can't get if he likes her or not …
    can't wait for the crazy couple they're so bubbly and fun
  29. I hope u will post the Eli an Jihae couple again, for the episode 4. Its unavailable to watch. :(
  30. thanks for the second part…it ok, do it slowly, relax…don,t be stress. i will always wait,with full of patient.
  31. thank you for all your hard work! & think about it like this the fandom you’ve been diligently supporting is growing exponentially by second and more & more people are beginning to love girlsday because of your dedication.

    the fact that people are pestering you to put out these episodes is complete proof of that. don’t mind us fans though, we get annoying some times lol.

    because of this show i can’t enough of the awkwardness, craziness & fullblown chivalry shown every episode &&&& it’s only because of you subbers (thats definately not a word lol) i can understand it. so thank you again.

  32. thank you for subbing. you guys are awesome and really fast at it. appreciate it so much. its because of you guys that makes me become more familiar with girls day and u kiss. much props to you guys
  33. thank you for subbing this episode. please take your time as these are quality subs. hopefully more ppl start watchin this show and appreciatin your work.
  34. THANK YOU SO MUCH! you have no idea how happy and warm hearted I am whenever I watch WAD! <3 I deeply appreciate your work :D fighting!! ^^
  35. You guys are seriously the fastest subbers out there ~~!
    THANK YOU SO MUCH, you guys build the bridge for us international fans and KPOP.
  36. Thank you for the subs!
    Didn’t even know they were out, must have missed it on Twitter. T_T
    This keeps getting better and better with every episode so thanks for all the hard work!
  37. ahhh school had made me eat out my time and couldn’t continue watching this >< ahh but I'm still excited!!
    thank you soooooo so much for subbing! my love is everlasting to gdd :*
  38. I really like to watch eli-jihae couple.. but this episode, eli get on my nerve saying “he is only 30 minutes late” … Come on Eli.. if you don’t want to date Jihae just say it out like a man to PD-nim… otherwise just do it better!!! (sorry for my ranting)
  39. thank you so much!!! <3
    will watch immediately on YT
    (can't wait for more Minah cute screaming)
    then download it from MU
    (to keep it with me forever LOL)
    GDD fightin!! ^^
  40. yes….finally the funny couple is out \^o^/
    thankyu so much for the sub, keep going on guys. i really appreciate your hard work ^^
  41. Thank yooo~u!
    Being a new U-Kiss fangirl I really need everything I can get to get more info about the boys. And since I’m also a We got married fangirl since long ago, this makes me happy³ <3 <3
  42. Xander-Minah’s subbed cuts, woah!!!
    Girl’s Day Daily, you guys, so awesome!! I love you!!^^
    Thanks so much for this^^
  43. omg! thanks so much.
    you guys are incredibly fast in subbing, i appreciate it alot.
    thank you. you just made my sad night into a cheerful bubbly one! thanks alot :D
    rock on!! ^^
  44. Yay!!!
    Thanks so much again for the subs! Just ignore all the complainers, your hard work is very appreciated!
    I don’t speak a lick of Korean, but this is my favorite show now, and I can watch it because of your dedication! ^^ Fighting~! <3

    Minah's my favorite I think. Her and Xander are so cute!!

  45. thanks for the subs…can you upload the part of the jihae eli couple on another website, cos its not available in my counts PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE !!!!
  46. Thank you soo much…makes my day when subs come out <3
    I always skip to Crazy couple, they are soo fun to watch…I think they should Graduate from We Are Dating to We Got Married!
  47. Honestly I am not surprise that Minah and Xander have more screen time. They probably have way more usable footage. You can tell the PD’s probably had to cut footage to make them fit, while the other two couples don’t really have much footage. Not The PD’s fault. Put it up to the awkwardness. It will probably even out later. THANKS FOR THE SUBS AGAIN><
  48. i just read in allkpop they are pulling we are dating off the air?!!!!!! noooo what are the reasons?!
  49. @pinoyarsenal i think it’s because of the rating.
    i noticed not many people watching the show (the koreans) so yeah :(
  50. thank you for your reply achel =), so sad though i really liked the show,

    and again thank you all for your hard work of posting these subbed videos, more power! GDD Team Fighting! ^_^

  51. owh man……this show is ending…..really like this show….so sad that they want to end this show……eli n jihae just look like a couple now…..anyway….thank you so much for subbing and sharing the show…..really appreciate it
  52. thanks for subbing :)
    but i can’t watch the jihae eli couple part T.T
    can you upload it again? pls :D
  53. gud job beb….tq so much for the sub…me n my daughter love it so much…so pitty the awkward couple…wish them for hav a better idea for their future date….
  54. Thanks soooooooo much for subbing this show! :] It’s a shame it’s over but we enjoyed it while it lasted.
  56. Crazy couple = SO. ADORABLE.

    I’m sad that they’re ending We Are Dating because Minah and Xander are totally entertaining. I hope they get picked up by some PD of another show!

  57. Ahhh so cute I love the crazy-fun couple! And omg… I keep having pervy daydreams about Jihae and Eli LOLOL. Like there’s some sort of hidden tension between them omg. xD And Soohyun is so jjang! Gaaahh Yura and Soohyun make me want to melt, they’re always so romantic!

    thanks so much for the subs! :3

  58. Where,s the mediafire? Im still waiting ..and im getting old…megaupload is banned in north america

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