[PICS/TRANS] 110103 Girl’s Day Minah Twitter Update with a girlsdaydaily Gift

Minah with a gift from a fan in Japan. ^-^

마유짱! 나쯔미짱! 늦었지만 Marry christmas^____^
Translation: Mayu chan! Natsume chan! A late Marry christmas^____^

(Note: chan is a Japanese honorific, it’s used for women.)


오랜만에 밥한공기뚝딱! 자랑스럽군 크크 잘했군잘했군 잘했어~^___^씨익
Translation: It’s been a long time since I ate up a bowl of rice! I’m proud of myself kk Good job good job good job~^___^Grin.


XMAS Project Gift~


Source: Minah’s Twitter
Translated By: sen@girlsdaydaily

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