[PICS/TRANS] 110103 Girl’s Day Sojin Cyworld Pictures Update

우리가 좋아하는식당, 대구 아가씨들이라면, 다 좋아하는 식당, 후후,
Translation: Our favorite restaurant, the restaurant beloved by any ladies in Daegu, Huhu,


오랜만의 우리끼리 보낸 시간, 한참, 못난 초딩포스 뿜는 내동생, 찐빵이 따로없다,, 후 , , , 키크려고 그러겟지, , ,
Translation: We haven’t had a good time together, for a long time, My younger brother (or cousin) makes an impression of an ugly elementary schooler,, he looks like nothing more than steamed bread,, whew , , , Maybe he’ll be starting to grow taller.


Source: Sojin’s Cyworld
Translated By: Sen@girlsdaydaily

5 thoughts on “[PICS/TRANS] 110103 Girl’s Day Sojin Cyworld Pictures Update

  1. puahaha “makes an expression of an ugly schooler” Sojin being so blunt. :D BTW, I love Sojin’s expression in the first pic. ^^

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