[IMPORTANT/TRANS] 110105 WAD’s PD-nim & Girl’s Day Jihae Tweets (WAD has ended?) Updated

As you all know WAD Ep 5 wasn’t aired yesterday (Friday, Jan 07) and it has been replaced with the other show, and we were wondering why. So, it seems like Jihae and the WAD’s PD talked about it on twitter on Jan 5th. I guess no more WAD anymore for us :( But we’re hoping to see more show with Girl’s Day and UKISS in the future. It was fun for us subbing this show. So yeah. But we will be sure to update more news regarding this. Thanks guys!


@Girls_Day_Jihae 지해야 대충 소식은 들어서 알겠지만…많이 도움을 못줘서 정말 너무너무 미안해…다들 너무 열심히 해줘서 정말 고마웠는데 정말 미안하고 담에 또 기회가 생기면 그땐 정말 더 재밌게 잘 해보자…미안하고 고마워~^^
Translation: Jihae, I know you already heard the news, but… I’m very very sorry for not giving you enough help. Everyone has worked hard and I thank for that. I’m so sorry and I hope we can do better next time when there’s another chance. I’m sorry, and thank you~^^


@Koen_swoop 아니예요피디님^^제대로인사를못하고 끝나서 얼마나 아쉬운지몰라요ㅠㅠ다음에만나면 꼭 재밌게해용!!해피뉴이어^^

Translation: No PD,^^ I’m also sad that we had to end it without a proper farewell to you.ㅠㅠ I wish we will have fun shooting (a show) when we meet next time. Happy new year^^


According to @Hello_Sol there will be a final episode of We are dating soon and the filming has ended.

Someone asked her and this is her reply.

Yes! we are dating has final broadcasting soon! shooting is already ended~ :)


The new show UKISS’ Real School will be taking the time slot of We Are Dating, and that is the reason for it being canceled and moved to a different airtime for its final episode. This new show “will be aired on Monday-Friday at 4:30 pm,” so it clearly conflicts with We Are Dating. (Source)


Final Update: Since WAD was canceled we had hoped that there would be a final airing of episode 5. However, it seems like there will be no final airing. We are all disappointed in this news. We keep searching for further information on this matter but there’s been no update on the official site.


Source: Jihae, WAD’s PD & Hello_Sol twitter
Translated By: sen@girlsdaydaily

42 thoughts on “[IMPORTANT/TRANS] 110105 WAD’s PD-nim & Girl’s Day Jihae Tweets (WAD has ended?) Updated

  1. Thank you so much for sharing and translating this
    I want to cry reading this :'(
    WAD has given me so much laughter and smile but now it has come to an end? :'(
    I really feel so sad, I really want to see more interactions between Eli-Jihae(this especially), Soohyun-Yura and Xander-Minah :'(
  2. So does this apply for all the couples? It’s still a little confusing :( It’s breaking my heart right now, I got so attached to this show </3 :'(
  3. Well that sucks. :(

    I wonder if we should read anything into the fact that it was Jihae that the PD contacted. It could of course just be that she’s the oldest of the three, or she and the PD were friendly with each other. Or maybe it was specifically because the Jihae/Eli couple was deemed to be boring with all the awkwardness, or too controversial because Eli’s apparent lack of interest.

    Oh well, it was a fun show while it lasted, and at least you guys are free to sub some other things now.

  4. Don’t know what to say. Just sad about this news ㅠㅠ I really wish them good and stable career!! I still support them no matter what!!

    Thank you guys for all your efforts in translating!!


  5. this is so sad. It didn’t even started and it ended like that :( Thank you for the subs. I’m gonna miss our couples so much :(
  6. Thanks so much for all of your hard work. It is sad to see the show end; especially the way it did. I just wanted to let you know that we appreciated all the subs. Maybe, one of the couples will be put on, “Just Married.” There is an open spot. keke Love you all.
  7. why???!! the show was so fun !!! so heartbreaking .. then what the reason ? maybe some hardcore fans?
    anyway thank you for your hard work, lets hope girls day get a more successful show~~
  8. that so sad i really wanted to see what would happen to the Eli-Jihae couple.. i was so rooting for them.. thank you for all the sub.
  9. aw :( that’s so soon. there’s only been 4 eps aired :|
    it was really fun to watch the 3 pairs !
    wonder why they decided to stop shooting it ?
  10. I’m seriously so sad about this. :(( I got so attached to this show…
    Hopefully Girl’s Day will be able to be on another variety show, and UKISS too. </3
  11. That really sucks, I liked this show. Thanks for working hard on the subs, it’s a shame the show had to end so quickly.
  12. It was an entertaining ride while it lasted. It’s just too bad it had to end so soon. Thanks for subbing guys.
  13. sorry…i heard the rumor at we got married about eli n hara maybe become a couple,it is true????…but i hope that not true because i love jihae n eli…
  14. Gain and Jokwon are leaving We Got Married and now We Are Dating came to an end. It’s a nightmare!

    Why MBC even started this show when they wasn’t sure they will be able to maintain it for three months?!

  15. NOOOOO! I’m soo said reading this. I was always looking forward for the episodes!! 5 episodes…pfff
  16. that’s really stupid, why are they stopping the show. just when the couples were getting more comfortable with each other too. sigh .. i guess i have to watch u-kiss real school instead now :(
  17. I am really sad this show got canceled. =( it was finally starting to get good.

    My number one idol group is u-kiss and throughout them i was able to get hooked on girl’s day. i was looking forward to real school and wad at the same time. oh well but now i am going to become a big follower of Girl’s day regardless. I hope girl’s day fans will also support u-kiss. and I will support Girl’s day and U-kiss! yay!

    Thank you for subbing the show! looking forward to more girl’s day!

  18. WOW so when will we be able to see the last episode of WAD?
    :( I will definatley miss watching this show. However, I appreciate the gdd team for subbing the show :)
  19. Well it’s sad but it’s nice that we’ll still be seeing U-Kiss but I’m kind of sad for Girl’s Day.
  20. wondering why they ended it too early +_+ it’s a sad news! this is the first time i watched reality show from korea :( hope we can see them together in the future :) and thank you very much for the staff of this awesome page ^_^
  21. :((( what the.. its making me cry….
    why did they have to end such a nice show?
    just air the ep. on diff. time slot :((
    I’m really sad about this, I was expecting they coould be closer and closer :((
  22. that’s so upseting, i was looking forwared to more girls’day + u-kiss. :(
    I was sooo looking forward to jihae and eli becoming closer.
  23. WHYY? o.O
    it got so funny…finally Eli & Jihae got a bit closer T^T
    aww but thank u so much for subbing the EPs
    I was really anticipating the next EP -.-
    but hope Girl’s Day will appear in more shows soon ;)
  24. It’s really heartbreaking to know this. I really enjoyed watching this show. I hope miracle does happen! Love this show to the core! Thank you guys for the updates and everything so far.

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