[TRANS] 110108 Girl’s Day Yura & Jihae Tweet Update


여러분!!감기조심하세용 요번감기는 독하데요ㅜㅜ…항상힘이되어주셔서 정말 늘감사합니다!!!♥.♥
Translation: Everyone!! Please be careful not to catch cold, It is said that it is very cold this time.ㅜㅜ…Thank you so much for always being supportive!!!♥.♥



내일 날씨가 춥답니다!!!다들 옷따뜻하게 입으시구요 감기조심하세요!!!♥
Translation: It will be very cold tomorrow!!! Everyone bundle yourself up and be careful of the cold!♥



보고싶다…눈물날정도로…..운동해야지!들어보셨나 달밤의체조^^* 으쌰으쌰 화이팅!!!!!
Translation: I miss you…I’m about to have tears…..I’m going to exercise!  Have you heard of a gymnastics under the moonlight? ^^* Usha Usha Fighting


Source: Yura & Jihae twitter
translated by achel & sen

2 thoughts on “[TRANS] 110108 Girl’s Day Yura & Jihae Tweet Update

  1. Aww~~ these girls^^ They are so sweet^^
    Take care too Yura and as for Jihae, I wonder what happened to her? Who does she miss? and awww
    Thanks so much for sharing and for the translation Achel and Sen^^

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