[ENG SUB] 110104 Mnet Japan Girl’s Day Kira Kira Slim Ep. 1


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Subbed By: GDD Subbing Team

12 thoughts on “[ENG SUB] 110104 Mnet Japan Girl’s Day Kira Kira Slim Ep. 1

  1. Thank you so much for this!!^^
    I miss Girl’s Day so much^^
    I am so excited to watch this, can’t wait for the download to finish^^
    Love you guys GDD^^
  2. i really enjoyed this show and look forward for the next.thx for subtitling and sharing.i really look forward for Girls day and hope they can success just like KARA.
  3. wow. you guys can sub jap too! i’m very amazed at it!
    awesome show!
    i can get to know more about girl’s day now!
    thanks alot.
    will be looking forward for more! ^^
    thanks for ur hardwork!
  4. Thanks team for working together on this! I’m very thankful to our K & J translators~ This was much more enjoyable with subtitles. I’m seriously looking forward to the next and the next episode after that. ^-^ Also that “streaker” scene, lol. Hopefully they include that.
  5. Thanks for the subs! :3 Haha loved it when Minah kissed the necklace she got from Xander. So cute! xD I’m starting to like HyeRi more and more now lol. And Sojin, ahhh, she’s just too cool! So talented and beautiful! <3

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