[RAW/DL] Bling Bling Girl’s Day Reality Show Ep 1

This is a must to watch.

This was really rare video because it aired around august? i believe, and we finally got this after months. For Girl’s Day new fans, this was when Jiin and Jisun (Former members) still in the group. Have fun! We will sub this in the future after we’re done with the other videos ^^


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4



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5 thoughts on “[RAW/DL] Bling Bling Girl’s Day Reality Show Ep 1

  1. @thefly is not me lol :)

    This show was awesome in one way, but also quite sad and depressing. They are so optimistic and working so hard pre-debut, then you see them practicing Tilt My Head and in the preview right at the end you see them with the hair/makeup they used for those promotions (which was just really bad). And we all know what happened next…

    Also I miss Jiin and Jisun more now. Maybe a 7-member Girl’s Day in the future…?

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