[TRANS] 101216-101227 Girl’s Day Minah tweeting Kim Da Woon

Note: They became friends when meeting on one of their schedules.


KDW: @Girls_Day_Minah 민아옹니 또 언제와용 혼구녕 좀 나야게써용
Translation: Minah unnie, when will you come again? I think you need a good scolding from me.

– @Girls_Day_Minah 오! 본방사수!!!!!!!하고싶지만…..뮤뱅할시간이면전연습실에서연습을……….흙흙ㅠ집에서다운받아볼게요♥
Translation: Oh! I want to watch it live!!!!!!! but….. I have to practice in the practice room during the airing of MB (Music Bank)………. weep weepㅠ I’ll download and watch it at home.♥


Minah: @CharmingDU 드디어 찾았군 크크크 다운이도 수고많았으^^
Translation:Finally I found you. kkk You’ve done a good job, Da Woon.^^


KDW: @Girls_Day_Minah 민아옹니!!어제너무이뻤으요ㅡㅡ질투나게시리..내가쩨일이뻐야하는건데..ㅎㅎㅎ수고했어용!!♥
Translation: Minah unnie, you looked very pretty yesterdayㅡㅡ it made me envious..I should be the prettiest girl..hhh You’ve worked well!!♥


Minah: @CharmingDU 웅 다운이듕^___^
Translation: Yeah you’ve done well, too. ^___^


KDW: @Girls_Day_Minah 민아언니두 행복한 크리스마스보내요^^
Translation: Minah unnie, I wish you a happy Christmas.^^

– @Girls_Day_Minah ♥ㅎㅎ지영언니랑곱창먹으러갈때나도데려가기~
Translation: hh Be sure to take me when you go to eat Gopchang with Ji young unnie~

– @Girls_Day_Minah 가득가득 ^____^
Translation: Be filled filled. ^____^

– @Girls_Day_Minah 크크^___^
Translation: kk ^___^

– @Girls_Day_Minah 이뻐이뻐^___^♥
Translation: Pretty pretty ^___^♥


Source: Minah & Kim Da Woon’s Twitter
Translated By: sen @girlsdaydaily

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