[TRANS] 101119-110101 Girl’s Day Minah tweeting NJ Kim

Note: NJ Kim is a makeup artist at The Ga:m; which is the salon the girls all go to.


NJ Kim: @Girls_Day_Minah 우리민아 자꾸 멋있어져….부럽겤ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Translation: Our Minah is getting cooler…. I envy you. kkkkk

– @Girls_Day_Minah 우리민아는 연습중이었나?열심히하는그대~!!난일하고있어요~!
Translation: Was our Minah practicing then? A hard-working girl~!! I’m working now~!

– @Girls_Day_Minah 사람의기억은참단순하지?보고 듣고 향기를맡으면 스믈스믈올라오는이런저런지난일들…난냄새에가장많이반응하는데^^
Translation: A person’s memory is so simple? When I see, hear, and smell, various things of the past slowly occur to my mind … I’m most sensitive to odor.^^


Minah: @nananaJung 저두 냄새랑 그 피부로느껴지는 그무언가랄까..? ㅠㅠ 흑흑
Translation: I sense something from my odor and skin..? ㅠㅠ weep weep


NJ Kim: 우리민아 뭘해도이쁘고멋져~*^^*ㅎㅎㅎRT @The_Gam_01: @Girls_Day_Minah 맛나게 귤을 까먹고 있는 민아도~~ 존하루!!
Translation: Our Minah is cool and pretty no matter what you do~*^^* hhh RT @The_Gam_01: @Girls_Day_Minah Have a good day to Minah~~, who peels tangerines to eat!!

– 파랑곰이면부러울뻔했는데…걍나랑데이트하자…RT @Girls_Day_Minah: 곰돌이군이랑 데이트중…: ) [Picture]
Translation: I would be jealous if the teddy bear was blue color… Let’s just go on a date with me. @Girls_Day_Minah: I’m having a date with Mr. teddy bear…: )

– 강력하게들러붇겠어ㅡㅡ+ @Girls_Day_Minah
Translation: I’ll strongly stick to you.ㅡㅡ+ @Girls_Day_Minah


Minah: 으악 벌써부터 떨어질기미조타보이지않는군!!!끼아오~~ 죠아죠아 RT @nananaJung: 강력하게들러붇겠어ㅡㅡ+ @Girls_Day_Minah
Translation: Argh I can’t even foresee when he will come off to me!!! Kkyao~~ good good. RT @nananaJung: I’ll strongly stick to you.ㅡㅡ+ @Girls_Day_Minah


NJ Kim: @Girls_Day_Minah 우리민아해피해피뉴이어~♥♥엄마밥마니먹고어여만나자*^^*2011년엔매일 매일행복하길~♥
Translation: Happy New Year Minah~♥♥ Hope you enjoy a meal that your mom cooks, and then meet me later on *^^* I wish you happiness everyday in 2011~♥

– 우리민아는그안경을나에게….*^^*하하하하하ㅡㅡ+ RT @Girls_Day_Minah: 마유짱! 나쯔미짱! 늦었지만 Marry christmas^____^ [Picture]
Translation: Give me the glasses, Minah…*^^* Hahahahahaㅡㅡ+ RT @Girls_Day_Minah: Mayu chan! Natsume chan! A late Marry christmas^____^


Minah: @nananaJung 꺄!!!! 아니되옵니다 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 부디 이 안경만은…
Translation: Kkya!!!! Please no ㅠㅠㅠㅠ Please don’t take this glasses…


NJ Kim: ㅎㅎㅎㅎ아니된다하니…더………………쓰~읍 ◎. ◎ 탐나는걸..흐흐흐일단만나서얘기하자…
Translation: hhhh If you say no…I feel more inclined to……………glu~g ◎. ◎ I want it. hhh let’s meet me and talk later…

– 어우~!!나갑자기배고파졌어~!!밥잘먹으니이쁘다우리민아~!! RT @Girls_Day_Minah: 오랜만에 밥한공기뚝딱! 자랑스럽군 크크 잘했군잘했군 잘했어~^___^씨익 [Picture]
Translation: Argh~!! I became hungry all of a sudden~!! I like that Minah eats well~!!


Source: Minah & NJ Kim’s Twitter
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