[TRANS] 110111 Girl’s Day Jihae tweeting UKISS’ Eli

Eli: Sup! Real school started yesterday! Everyone please watch ^^ mbc every1 at 4:30

Jihae: @u_kisseli congratulation!!!kkk


Jihae is still making efforts to be closer to Eli. ^-^


Source: Jihae & Eli Twitter
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7 thoughts on “[TRANS] 110111 Girl’s Day Jihae tweeting UKISS’ Eli

  1. eli is too awkward… despite that, it was fun watching them together. painful in times but…
    it’s good to see jihae still tries her best to get closer to him :)
  2. Jihae is so sweet!!^^
    I hope Eli will reply to her
    I want then to be closer to each other
    My lovely awkward couple :)
    Thanks so much for the translation^^
  3. aww…its cute how she’s still
    trying to get close and less awkward with
    him! lol eli!!! stop being awkward and put more
    effort into it! hehehe
    i hope he replies her back, if not…that would be
    sad …
    sigh..too bad the show ended so soon..i was looking
    forward to their couple on becoming not awkward

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