[PIC/TRANS] 110114 Girl’s Day Jihae, Sojin & Hyeri Twitter Updates

Jihae: 공장에서일하고있는 걸스데이 빵민아가 오늘 대구신천떡뽀끼를 쏜댔다 드디어드디어~~~^^
Translation: Bbang Minah of Girl’s Day who works in a factory said she will treat us to Daegu Shincheon Toppogi today. Finally finally~~~^^

(Note: She said Bbang instead of Bang because Bbang means ‘bread’ in Korean. The phrase ‘working in a factory’ basically implies that Minah is kind of stingy.)


Sojin: 짠순이 드디어 쏘나,? ㅋㅋㅋRT @Girls_Day_Jihae
Translation: You stingy girl, are you finally treating us at last? kkk

오늘 씨디싸인빨리하기 경기에서 꼴띵한 빵민아 하하하하
Translation: Bbang Minah finished last in the signing competition today. Hahahaha.


Hyeri: 헉.. 진짜요?! 오늘은 반드시먹겠어요..ㅎㅎ RT @Girls_Day_Sojin @Girls_Day_Jihae
Translation: Gasp.. Really?! I certainly want to get treated today.. ㅎㅎ


Sojin: @girls_day_minah 민아야 맛잇옹
Translation: Hey Minah, it was delicious.


Source: Jihae, Sojin & Hyeri’s Twitter
Translated By: sen @girlsdaydaily

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