[TRANS] 101208-110115 Girl’s Day Jihae tweeting Sin Kwang Cheol

Note: Sin Kwang Cheol is a friend of Girl’s Day.

This is a long conversation. Mostly random, but it’s interesting to see Jihae interact with her friend and talk about preparing for the upcoming album.



SKC: @Girls_Day_Jihae 연말 파튀 고고
Translation: Year-end party go go.



Jihae: @skc_dj 고고~~!!!모여모여!!
Translation: Go go~~!!! Everyone come come!!



SKC: @Girls_Day_Jihae 스캔들은 잘찍고잇어??ㅋㅋ
Translation: How are you shooting for scandal (We Are Dating)? kk

– @Girls_Day_Jihae 난 이불입고다녀 ㅋ
Translation: I wander with my blanket on myself. k


Jihae: @skc_dj 방송하는거봤남 ㅎㅎ 추운데 껴입고다니삼!!
Translation: Did you watch the show? hh It’s cold, so layer your clothes!!



SKC: @Girls_Day_Jihae ㅋㅋ이불을 입고다녀야지 ㅋㅋ나처럼
Translation: You should wander with your blanket on you kk like me.

Jihae: @skc_dj ㅋㅋㅋ난 감기들었오ㅜㅠ
Translation: ㅋㅋㅋI got a cold. ㅜㅠ


SKC: @Girls_Day_Jihae 흠그렇니까 요즘 되는일이없구만 아주
Translation: Hmm things are going nowhere fast nowadays.


Jihae: @skc_dj 이불이없어 ㅋㅋ 크리스마스가 다가온다….ㅠㅠ
Translation: I have no blanket now. kk Christmas is coming… ㅠㅠ



SKC: @Girls_Day_Jihae 당연하지!!!!
Translation: Of course!!!


Jihae: @skc_dj 오늘도 30분 오케이?
Translation: 30 minutes again today, okay?



SKC: @Girls_Day_Jihae 혼자 잘놀러 다니네!!!!!!!
Translation: You’re good at going out alone and playing!!!!!!!


Jihae: @skc_dj 롯데월드갔다왔어ㅜㅜ오늘은 진짜콜!
Translation: I’ve been to Lotte Worldㅜㅜ I really mean it honestly today!


SKC: @Girls_Day_Jihae 오늘또!!!!!
Translation: You again today!!!


Jihae: @skc_dj ㅋㅋㅋㅋ일하고 놀다왔지!!녹음중 ㅠㅠ
Translation: kkkk I came back after work and play!! I’m recording now. ㅠㅠ


SKC: @Girls_Day_Jihae 계속계속계속계속 자..!!!!!!
Translation: Keep on and on and on and on sleeping..!!!!!!


Jihae: @skc_dj 바뿐척하기는!!!!!잤어 ㅠㅠ나..
Translation: You’re pretending to be busy now!!!!! ㅠㅠ I slept..


SKC: @Girls_Day_Jihae 나도 계속계속계속계속계속계속계속계속계속계속자야지ㅋㅋㅋ
Translation: I’m going to keep on keep on and on and on and on sleeping kkk


Jihae: @skc_dj ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅠㅠ그러까?ㅋㅋ잉 ㅠㅠ
Translation: kkkkkkkkㅠㅠ Can I? kk ing ㅠㅠ



SKC: @Girls_Day_Jihae 즐겁긴.. 하나도 안즐거워!!
Translation: Not fun.. not fun at all!


Jihae: @skc_dj 즐거운 금요일이네 ㅋㅋㅋ
Translation: It’s a pleasant friday. kkk


SKC: @Girls_Day_Jihae 언제 끝나는데~ㅋㅋ
Translation: When will it end~ kk


Jihae: @skc_dj 왜ㅜㅜ할말있당 윽
Translation: Whyㅜㅜ I have something to tell you. eek


SKC: @Girls_Day_Jihae 바쁘구만 서울대전부산 찍고~
Translation: You’re busy. Seoul Daejeon Busan, mark them~


Jihae: @skc_dj 지금 부산에서 서울올라가는중 ㅋㅋㅋ모해
Translation: Now I’m moving from Busan to Seoul kkk What are you doing?



SKC: @Girls_Day_Jihae 크리스마스 별거없지
Translation: Nothing usually happens on Christmas.


Jihae: @skc_dj 서울올라가고있다!빨리달릴게!!호호
Translation: I’m moving to Seoul! I’ll go fast!! Hoho.



SKC: @Girls_Day_Jihae ㅋㅋㅋ그러니까 스키장 춥지?
Translation: kkk So, is it cold in the ski resort?


Jihae: @skc_dj 스파게티먹고싶어서어뜩해 ㅜㅠ 스키장왔당 ㅜㅜ으앙
Translation: I’m dying to eat spaghetti.ㅜㅠ I’ve arrived to the ski resort. ㅜㅜ argh



SKC: @Girls_Day_Jihae 왠 혈관주사???
Translation: Why did you take an IV shot???



Jihae: @skc_dj 너가말을안들어서!!!!!
Translation: Because you do not listen to my words!!!!!

– @skc_dj ㅠㅠ알았오..넌 내가연락안하면안하냐!!!!근데!!!!!
Translation: ㅠㅠ I see.. I wonder why you don’t try to contact me whenever I don’t contact you!!!! By the way!!!!!


SKC: @Girls_Day_Jihae ㅋㅋㅋ그런말할 자격이있어 나한테!!!!!!!!?
Translation: kkk You’re qualified to say that to me!!!!!!!!?


Jihae: @skc_dj 라디오끝나고 회사로넘어가는중!!배고푸당~으앙
Translation: I’m moving to the company after finishing the radio show. I’m hungry~ Ahhh


SKC: @Girls_Day_Jihae 흐흐…ㅋ연습하구있어?
Translation: Huhu…k Are you practicing now?


Jihae: @skc_dj 스파게티 누구랑 그렇게 맛있게먹으시나!!
Translation: Who are you eating spaghetti with!!


SKC: @Girls_Day_Jihae 학동 사거리루와 ㅋ일루와서 스파게티 같이먹어 ㅋㅋ
Translation: Come to Hakdong 4-Way Junction. k Come here and eat spaghetti together . kk



Jihae: @skc_dj 와….나 죽다살아났어…내맘아니…ㅜㅜ잉
Translation: Wow…. I feel like I’ve almost revived from death. Do you know what I feel…ㅜㅜ ing


SKC: @Girls_Day_Jihae 알쥐 그럼 ㅋㅋ
Translation: Of course I know. kk


Source: Jihae & Sin Kwang Cheol’s Twitter
Translated By: sen @girlsdaydaily

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