[TRANS] 100922-100925 Girl’s Day Hyeri tweeting Go Young Wook

Note: Go Young Wook is from Bouquet, he’s actually the only regular guy cast member.



Hyeri: 감사합니다^ㅠ^ 어제 너무너무 재밌는 촬영이였어요 너무 잘해주셔서 감사합니다^^ 열심히하겠습니다^^ RT @goyoungwook: @Girls_Day_Hyeri수고 많았고 아까 마지막에 트위터 얘기 한거 생각나서 팔로우 신청 했어^^촤하~ㅋ
Translation: Thank you^ㅠ^ It was very fun shooting. Thank you for taking care of me^^ I’ll do my best.^^ RT @goyoungwook: @Girls_Day_Hyeri You’ve done a good work. And your twitter came across my mind, so I sent a request to follow you.^^ Choaha~ㅋ


GYW: @Girls_Day_Hyeri 나도 트위터 시작한지 몇일 안되서 내가 팔로우 했으니까 수락하고 나한테도 팔로우 하면 될거야ㅋ내 아이디는 goyoungwook이거 검색에 치고 팔로우 하면 될거야 남은 추석 잘 보내고 녹화때 보자^^
Translation: I’ve only been using twitter for a couple of days. I need you to accept my request because I sent a request to follow you. And then remember to follow me.ㅋ My ID is goyoungwook, and you can search it in the search bar. Enjoy the rest of Chuseok holidays and see you in the studio.^^



Hyeri: 네!! 팔로우? 된거같아요 아마도!!^ㅁ^ 글 남겨주셔서 감사합니다 선배님^^ 녹화때뵙겠습니다!! RT @goyoungwook: @Girls_Day_Hyeri
Translation: Yes!!! Follow? I think it worked!!^ㅁ^ Thank you for your tweets sunbaenim^^ I’ll see you in the studio!!


Source: Hyeri & Go Young Wook’s Twitter
Translated By: sen @girlsdaydaily

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