[TRANS] 101129-101208 Girl’s Day Hyeri tweeting Once’s Lime

Note: Lime is in the group Once, they are in the same company as Girl’s Day.



Hyeri: 오빠 저 요새 열심히 해요ㅠㅠ 회사 갈때마다 오빠가 없으시던데…ㅡㅡ^ RT @Oncelime: @Girls_Day_Hyeri 회사는오니 혜리야 ㅋ
Translation: Oppa, I’ve recently been putting in a lot of effort.ㅠㅠ But whenever I went to the company, you weren’t there…ㅡㅡ^ RT @Oncelime: @Girls_Day_Hyeri Hyeri, do you even come to the company? k


Lime: @Girls_Day_Hyeri 지금회사간닼
Translation: I’m going to the company now.


– @Girls_Day_Hyeri 초콜릿하는구나 ㅍㅍ 부럽다
Translation: I see you’re going to perform on Chocolate. ㅍㅍ I envy you.



Hyeri: @Oncelime 엔딩이예요 오빠 .. 잘지내시죠?갑자기 묻고싶었어요 착한혜리모드
Translation: We’re going to perform in the ending, oppa.. How have you been? Suddenly I wanted to ask you that. I’m in good Hyeri mode.


Lime: @Girls_Day_Hyeri 그래도 잘했노오
Translation: Yeah, thank you for saying that.


Source: Hyeri & Lime’s Twitter
Translated By: sen @girlsdaydaily

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