[TRANS] 110114 Girl’s Day Jihae Twitter Update


스케줄끝나고 쿨선배님들의작년오늘 들으며 이동중……또 센치해지는군….에잇 머릿속에지우개가있었으면좋겠다…ㅠㅠ
Translation: I’m moving now while listening to Cool sunbaenims’ ‘Today of last year’ after finishing my schedule. I’m feeling sentimental again…. Geez I wish I had an eraser in my head…ㅠㅠ



신뢰가없으면 뭐도같이할수없고 나쁜쪽으로생각하면 끝까지 나쁘다고만 생각든다는거 아시죠? 감사하다생각들다가도 사라지고싶어져요 정.말.
Translation: Do you know that we cannot get something done together if we have no faith in each other, and we keep looking on the dark side till the end once we begin to look on the dark side? It makes me want to disappear while I’m also grateful for it. Seriously.


Source: Jihae’s Twitter
Translated By: sen@girlsdaydaily

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