[PIC/TRANS] 110120 Girl’s Day Yura Cyworld Update

두근두근 중국첫공연 !
Translation: Dugun Dugun *heart beats* first performance in China!


두근거리는 중국 첫공연!!!
Translation: My heart pounded, first performance in China!!!


우리막내랑 중국 공연 대기실에서 >.<
Translation: With our youngest in the waiting room for the China performance.


중국공연 무사히 잘마치고 돌아왔습니당!! 너무 보고싶었어용 !^_____________^
Translation: I’ve safely returned from our performance in China!! I was missing you very much !^_____________^


Source: Yura’s Cyworld
Translated By: sen & achel@girlsdaydaily

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