[TRANS] 101119-110111 Girl’s Day Sojin tweeting NJ Kim

Note: NJ Kim is a makeup artist of the Ga:m, the salon of Girl’s Day.



NJK: @Girls_Day_Sojin 노래까지참잘해…어쩜그래?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Translation: Even you’re also good at singing… How can you be like that? kkkkk


– @Girls_Day_Sojin 호~~~~~
Translation: Hoh~~~~~



Sojin: 히잇^^ 찾엇따앙~~~*긋이브닝♥ RT @nananaJung: @Girls_Day_Sojin 호~~~~~
Translation: Heet^^ I found you~~~* Good evening♥RT @nananaJung


NJK: 나대신떢볶이랑쪼꼬렛좀먹어줘…난먹음안되니까ㅜㅜ아…편의점우리쌀식빵도….♥RT @Girls_Day_Sojin: 히잇^^ 찾엇따앙~~~*긋이브닝♥ RT @nananaJung: @Girls_Day_Sojin 호~~~~~
Translation: Please eat my toppogi and chocolates instead…because I shouldn’t eat themㅜㅜ Ah… and domestic rice bread, too.

– 엣지있게후드쓰는그런여자~!!RT @The_Gam_01: @Girls_Day_Sojin 막대사탕 하나는 입에 하나는 손에 꽈악 쥐고 있는 소진이도 오늘 하루 화이팅!!
Translation: She’s the kind of woman who puts on her hood in an edgy way~!! RT @The_Gam_01: @Girls_Day_Sojin Fighting today Sojin, who is eating a lollipop in her mouth and holding the other lollipop firmly in her hands!!

(Note: She is referring to this picture. click here )



– 날빛내주는 woman ~!! 후후 RT @nananaJung: 엣지있게후드쓰는그런여자~!!RT @The_Gam_01: @Girls_Day_Sojin 막대사탕 하나는 입에 하나는 손에 꽈악 쥐고 있는 소진이도 오늘 하루 화이팅!!
Translation: She’s the woman who brightens me ~!! huhu

– 음…그건…어떤것이든억지로하지않는거^^? @Girls_Day_Sojin
Translation: Mmm…It means… that I don’t forcibly try to do anything^^?


– 우리공주들!선물준비했다~^^@Girls_Day_Sojin
Translation: Our princesses! I prepared some gifts~^^


쵝오~!!!!!ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ니가일등이에요~!!RT @Girls_Day_Sojin: 깨방정 챕터투..* [Picture]
Translation: The best~!!!!!hhhhhhh You won the first place~!! @Girls_Day_Sojin: 깨방정 챕터투..*

Kkaebangjung (overly dorky) chapter two..*

우두두…떨어지는뻥튀기가루는안나온건가??ㅋㅋㅋ어떤리본이든지…참 그대스럽게귀엽네그랴~^^RT @Girls_Day_Sojin [Picture]
Translation: Ududu… Is there no pop-rice powders popping out?? kkk whatever the ribbon is made of…you’re so cute as usual.~^^RT @Girls_Day_Sojin


I realize I’ve lived hard.

Sojin: 부럽 , 내년에는 색칠만큼 부자되기까지 예약 ^+^ RT @nananaJung: 핑크색가득칠해진달럭을보고있노라니….나참열심히살았구나싶다.
Translation: I envy you. You can hope you will be rich in the next year as much as you color your calendar. ^+^ RT @nananaJung: Looking at the calendar which is all filled with pink color…


NJK: 분홍은우리아가들스케쥴♡부자는함께되는거!!RT @Girls_Day_Sojin: 부럽 , 내년에는 색칠만큼 부자되기까지 예약 ^+^ RT @nananaJung: 핑크색가득칠해진달럭을보고있노라니….나참열심히살았구나싶다.
Translation: Pink marks are the schedules of our babies♡ Let’s be rich together!!

– 이런.벌써보고싶네.ㅋㅋㅋ어서돌아와!!어서!!@Girls_Day_Sojin
Translation: Well. I already miss you. kkk Come back quickly!! Now!!


– @Girls_Day_Sojin 1번아!좋아?가니까?ㅋㅋ보고싶으니어여와요~!ㅋ사진멋지네^^해피해피뉴이어♥2011년엔행복한일들만엄!청!생기길바래~!
Translation: Hey No.1! Are you glad? to be there? I miss you, so come back soon~! k Nice picture of yours^^ Happy happy new year♥ I wish that plenty! of! happy things happen to you in 2011~!



Sojin: @nananaJung 새해복많이 받으세요, 지난해 감사합니다 *^^*
Translation: Happy new year, thank you for all your work last year. *^^*


– @nananaJung i miss u … 



NJK: @Girls_Day_Sojin 믿으니까 되는거야^^ 일단믿기시작하면된거야♥
Translation: It works because you believe it to work.^^ Once you start to believe, it will work.♥


– @Girls_Day_Sojin 소진아 대표님이 이상해.도와줘.
Translation: Sojin, the CEO is acting odd. Help.

– @Girls_Day_Sojin 아….좀 자볼까?눈이참소복하게,보슬보슬온다 근데.. 나. ..꼬리가생기려나봐 엉덩이가간질간질하고ㅋㅋ자꾸나가고싶고뛰어다니고싶고그르네 ㅋㅋ야옹~어흥!멍!멍!
Translation: Ah…Should I get some sleep? The snow is falling gently, and softly. By the way.. I… I feel like I’m growing a tail. My butt is itching. I constantly feel like I’m going out and running around. kk Meow~ Roar! Bow! Wow!

– @Girls_Day_Sojin @Girls_Day_Minah ㅎㅎㅎㅎ꺄오~!!얼쑤~!!지화자~!!잘한다~!!
Translation: hhhh Kkao~!! Ulssu~!! Jihwaja~!! Nice~!!


Sojin: 어렵지않어요 주무세요 푸욱^^ RT @nananaJung: 참.어렵다. 마음은.생각은.시간은.사람은.나는.
Translation: It’s not difficult. Sleep tight. ^^ RT @nananaJung: It’s so. difficult. Mind is. Thought is. Time is. People are. I am.


Source: Sojin & NJ Kim’s Twitter
Translated By: sen @girlsdaydaily

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