[RAW] 110122 Girl’s Day Fuji TV Interview


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3 thoughts on “[RAW] 110122 Girl’s Day Fuji TV Interview

  1. The last screentext in the video says :
    ※ ガ-ルズデイは Girl’s Day is
    誰一人整形しておりません : No one had plastic surgery

    hey japanese guys, why are you making fun of our girls in the first place? This video makes me sigh…

  2. hello. in behalf of fuji tv and japan and the japanese people i apologize for “making fun” of kpop idols. fuji tv has more horrible styles of pranking celebrites so i guess this is inevitable. some of those were funny but in my opinion this is not. however please consider that while looking through this interview as a casual japanese kpop fan’s point of view, this might be a good push for girls’ day and their advance to japan if dreamtea is serious about this matter. i even thought that the script were made by their agency for good exposure since they’re in fuji tv, one of the most watched channel in japan. many of my friends are starting to look and getting to know them now because of this and their feedback were all positive. again i apologize in behalf of japan for treating your artists this way.

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