[PICS] 110125 KBS New Year’s Special – Girl’s Day

Will post more pictures if available.



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Thanks to @DrewJKnox & Lulu
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3 thoughts on “[PICS] 110125 KBS New Year’s Special – Girl’s Day

  1. Thanks for the pic. I had some difficulty finding our girls as I decided to scan them from left to right lol. anyways, Our girls are wearing blue shirt, and Minah must be the 2nd from the right. :)

    and in my opinion, from left to right :
    black shirts = sistar, red = rainbow, gray = miss a, yellow = t-ara ivory = secret, black = brown eyed girls, white = f(x), blue = girl’s day!, orange = maybe…dalshabet? since they’re 6 member group.

  2. blue color!!! hahaha

    top left to right: Yura – Hyeri
    Middle left to right: Sojin – Jihae
    Front: Minahhhhhh <3

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