[TRANS] 110120 Girl’s Day Yura tweeting Once’s Lime

Note: Once is a trio ballad group in the same company as Girl’s Day.



Lime: @Girls_Day_Yura 잘했니아
Translation: Did you perform well there?


Yura: @Oncelime ㅋㅋ네나름요 여기서보니반갑네용ㅋㅋ
Translation: kk Yeah, kind of. Glad to see you here. kk


Lime: @Girls_Day_Yura 우리시디나왔어 ㅋㅋ
Translation: Our CDs have been produced. kk


Yura: @Oncelime 네~!들었어요 기대기대ㅋㅋ
Translation: Yes~! I’ve heard of the news. I’ve been looking forward to it. kk


Lime: @Girls_Day_Yura 거기 회사에있는시디한장가져 ㅋㅋㅋ
Translation: You can have one there in the company. kkk


Source: Yura & Lime’s Twitter
Translated By: sen @girlsdaydaily

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