[TRANS] 101119-110106 Girl’s Day tweeting Kim Rae Yeon

Note: Kim Rae Yeon is from the Ga:m, the salon of Girl’s Day.



KRY: @Girls_Day 지금 뮤뱅 뚫어지게 보구 있어여요~ 우리 걸스데이 홧튕!!!
Translation: I’m watching Music Bank intensely now~ Our Girl’s Day fighting!!!



– @Girls_Day오늘 일정들 즐겁게 잘 끝냈는가요?? 우리 낼 또 봐요~~ ㅎㅎ 매일같이 민아의 다녀오겠습니다~ 하는 인삿말이 귀에 맴돈다는…. 소진이 지혜 유라 혜리 또 보고싶네 울 멘져님도!! 모두 굿나잇!!
Translation: Did you finish today’s schedules well?? See you later tomorrow~~ hh Minah’s “I’ll be back later” greeting is whirling around my ears like everyday…. Sojin, Jihae, Yura, Hyeri, I want to meet you again, and our manager as well!! Good night everyone!!

GD: 내일도보고모레도보고 ㅎ 우리애들늘잘챙겨주셔서감사해요~^^ RT @The_Gam_01: @Girls_Day
Translation: See you tomorrow as well as the day after tomorrow. h Thank you for taking care of our kids~^^



KRY: @Girls_Day 근데 맨져님은 어디 가셔쏘? 방금까지 보였는데!!
Translation: By the way where did you go, manager? I saw you here a moment ago!!



– @Girls_Day 오늘 뮤뱅 우리 아가들이 최고 이쁘드라!! 젤루 잘하고!!!! 쵝오!!!!
Translation: Our babies were the prettiest on Music Bank today!! You performed best among all!!!! The best!!!!



쵝오!! 무대끝난뒤 검색어 실시간1위 캡쳐 해버렸음! ㅎㅎRT @Girls_Day: 저희오늘인기가요어땟나요~^^ 막방기념으루대기실한컷! [Picture]
Translation: The best!! After the performance ended, I captured the screen which showed that you were ranked 1st in the real-time search ranking. ! hh @Girls_Day: How was our performance on Inkigayo~^^ We took one shot as a celebration of the last performance in the waiting room!


– 110106~

@Girls_Day 맨져님아~ 아놔 안보면 이리 보고싶어질줄 몰라쏘~ 어서어서 얼굴을 보이시오~
Translation: Manager~ Oh my, I never thought I would miss you this much. Show your face already~

GD: ㅠㅠ저희도 보고시퍼여 ~RT @The_Gam_01:
Translation: We miss you, too~ 


Source: Girl’s Day & Kim Rae Yeon’s Twitter
Translated By: sen @girlsdaydaily

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