[TRANS] 101123-101124 Girl’s Day tweeting Bang Hyunah

Note: Bang Hyunah is Minah’s sister and a dear friend to the other members. I love the support she gives Girl’s Day and Minah.



Hyunah: @Girls_Day 민아양사진도많이올려주세용:)
Translation: Please post a lot of Minah’s photos. :)

GD: 1분만기다려주세요~ 깜짝놀라실거에요 ㅎ
Translation: Wait one minute~ You’ll be surprised. h



Hyunah: @Girls_Day 많이오고있는거죠???다행입니다:)
Translation: Are you sure that they are being posted in abundance??? :) I’m relieved. :)

– @Girls_Day 글올렸어요 글을읽어주는건가요???
Translation: I’ve posted a post. Are they going to read it???

GD: 와우 방금올려주신글로 걸스데이멤버모두가 대답하였습니다 !! ^^
Translation: Wow, every member in Girl’s Day has just responded to the post after reading it!! ^^

Hyunah: @Girls_Day 팬분들이많이올려주고계신가요 ???ㅠㅡㅠ
Translation: Are the fans currently posting a lot???ㅠㅡㅠ

GD: 글쎄요 빠르게지나가서확인은어렵지만 대부분 한류에 관한글들이네요
Translation: Well, it’s hard to confirm because those posts are going too fast. Most of the posts are about Hallyu (Korean wave).


Source: Girl’s Day & Bang Hyunah’s Twitter
Translated By: sen @girlsdaydaily

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