[TRANS] 110111-110113 Girl’s Day Minah tweeting NJ Kim

Note: NJ Kim is a makeup artist for the Ga:m, the salon of Girl’s Day.



NJK: @Girls_Day_Sojin @Girls_Day_Minah ㅎㅎㅎㅎ꺄오~!!얼쑤~!!지화자~!!잘한다~!!
Translation: hhhh Kkao~!! Ulssu~!! Jihwaja~!! Nice~!!


Minah: @nananaJung 얼쑤~ 크크크크
Translation: Ulssu~!! kkkk



NJK: 츄릅.탕슉.RT @Girls_Day_Minah: 띠로링… 살과의전쟁 ㅠㅠ 근데 먹었지롱….!크크크 [Picture]
Translation: Drool. Tang soo yook. (Sweet and Sour Pork) RT @Girls_Day_Minah: Tadada… my war against fatㅠㅠ But I just ate some food though….! kkk


Source: Minah & NJ Kim’s Twitter
Translated By: sen @girlsdaydaily

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