[TRANS] 110113 Girl’s Day Jihae tweeting Kim Rae Yeon

Note: Kim Rae Yeon is from the Ga:m, the salon of Girl’s Day.



KRY: @Girls_Day_Jihae 시가 젤루 사랑해!!! 이틀만 있음 볼수있다!! 꺄~ 지해두 완전 좋아하는구나!! 어후 ~ 빨리 보고싶다 그지?
Translation: I love SG (Secret Garden) the most!!! I will be able to watch it after two days later!! Kkya~ Jihae, you must also be really fond of it!! Ahoo~ I can’t wait to watch it, can you?


Source: Kim Rae Yeon’s Twitter
Translated By: sen@girlsdaydaily

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