[TRANS] 110125 Girl’s Day Sojin tweeting Lee Min Woo

Note: Lee Min Woo is a sound engineer for the show 1000 Songs Challenge.


LMW: @Girls_Day_Sojin 팔로우하고가요 ㅋ 열심히!!!!^^
Translation: I just followed you k. Earnest!!!!^^

Sojin: @Minwoolee21 넵, 수고하셧어요^^!!
Translation: Yep, you’ve done a good job^^!!

LMW: @Girls_Day_Sojin 소진수고했음! ㅋ 아까도전천곡 음향 했던 오빠야 ㅋ 맞팔부탁!!
Translation: Sojin, you’ve worked well today! k I’m a sound engineer who was working for the 1000 Songs Challenge a while ago k. Please follow me!!


Source: Sojin & Lee Min Woo’s Twitter
Translated By: sen@girldaydaily

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