[TRANS] 110125-110126 Girl’s Day Minah tweeting San E

Note: San E is a rapper from JYP Entertainment.



Minah: @san_e 오빠!! 오늘너무수고많으셨어요!! 팔로하구가요^___^
Translation: Oppa!! You’ve worked very hard today!! I just followed you^___^



San E: @Girls_Day_Minah 미투 맞팔맞팔
Translation: Me too. Let’s follow each other.

Minah: @san_e 크크 오빠 남부춤 완젼 귀여워요 크크크 나중에 알려주세요 크^__^
Translation: kk Oppa, Your Southern U.S. dance looked totally cute. kkk Please teach me the dance later. k^__^

San E: @Girls_Day_Minah 으크크크크킄ㅋ
Translation: hkkkkkk


Source: Minah & San E’s Twitter
translated By: sen @girlsdaydaily

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