[TRANS] 110126 Girl’s Day Jihae tweeting Kim Tae Eun & Once’s Lime

Note: Kim Tae Eun is a producer and singer-songwriter. Lime is from the trio ballad group Once, who are in the same company as Girl’s Day.



KTE: @Girls_Day_Jihae 옹…너한테 인사를 못했네~ 자주 소식 전하자 팔로~
Translation: Oh… I forgot to say hello to you~ Let’s keep in touch. I followed you~

Jihae: @lunchsong 피디님 ㅜㅜ인사도없이……..미워요!!!!!!힝
Translation: PD nim ㅜㅜ You didn’t say hello……..I’m sad!!!!!! hing

Lime: @Girls_Day_Jihae @lunchsong 피디님 저랑도 인사안했어요 전날 우람이형한테만 전화하시고 !!!!ㅠㅠ
Translation: PD nim, you also didn’t say hello to me. You only gave Woo Ram hyung a call before !!!!ㅠㅠ


Source: Jihae, Kim Tae Eun & Lime’s Twitter
translated By: sen@girlsdaydaily

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