[TRANS] 110210 Girl’s Day Sojin Fancafe Message

데이Z,요러부운~^^ from. SZ
요즘은, 조금씩 사람들도 세상도 겨울잠 자는 시즌인가봐요,
뭔가 정지된 느낌이 많이 드는 날씨랑 이것저것,

그치만 추워지는 날씨니 따뜻하게 옷입꾸서 감기 조심하시구,
가끔 동네 한바퀴로 건강한 겨울 마무리 하셔용^ ^

마음도 겨울이지 않게,
많이 많이 웃으셔서 봄부턴,
우리 걸스데이두 여러분도 복덩이가 마구마구 굴러 들어왓음 해요 ^ ^

저희 걸스데이는,
곧 여러분 다시 만나뵐 날을 위해,
바지런히 지낸담니다앙 ^ ^

저희가 잘해서,
매일매일이 DAI5Y PARTY 일수 잇게,
화이팅 ^ ^ !!

사랑하는거 알죠? ^ ^


DAIZ, everyone~^^ from. SZ
Nowadays, I think it’s a season in which people and this world are hibernating a bit.
It feels much like the weather and several things have stood still.

But since the weather is getting colder, bundle yourself up and be careful of the cold.
Take a jog all around town at times, so you’ll have a healthy winter. ^ ^

Give yourself tons to smile about in order to keep your mind from becoming like winter.
So I hope heaps of good fortune will befall us Girl’s Day and you all in spring. ^ ^

We Girl’s Day are spending busy days preparing for the day we’ll meet again soon. ^ ^

We’ll do our best for you to make everyday a DAI5Y PARTY day. Fighting ^ ^ !!

You know that I love you right? ^ ^


Source: girlsday5 cafedaum
translated By: sen@girlsdaydaily

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