[SPOILER] 110227 Girl’s Day Minah on the Set of New MV

걸스데이 뮤비촬영 했습니다~ ^^&
Translation: Girl’s Day finished filming of the MV~ ^^&

많이 기대해주세요
Translation: Please look forward to seeing it.


Source: dcinside/Girl’s Day Gallery
thanks to DTEnt Staff & sen
translated By: sen@girlsdaydaily

7 thoughts on “[SPOILER] 110227 Girl’s Day Minah on the Set of New MV

  1. is this mv for ‘already reserve sista’? its look like the picture tells us a story about a girl who has a hard time thinking of how she will deal with her problems. n minah looks good in baseball uniform. cant wait to watch their new mv. giiiiilzdaaaay hwaiting.
  2. Mianh is so pretty! I really can’t wait to see the MV! Looks already very good:) I hope it will be like a story/MV, I love those kind of MVs so hope it will be one of those. I think like that because of the background and Minah’s expression .. Oh my.. Can’t wait!

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