[PICS] 110301 Girl’s Day Jihae Twitter Update

Now these pictures are visible, because we put them on private until the official teaser photos were released.

오늘점심은 유라랑 indian restaurant행복한 점심식사!!그래도 기분이한결 좋아졌어요ㅠㅠ버터난이랑갈릭난이왜이리맛있는거야?^^*
Translation: Today’s lunch is a happy lunch with Yura at an Indian restaurant!! Make me just a bit happierㅠㅠ Why is butter nan and garlic nan so delicious?^^*


Source: Jihae’s Twitter
translated By: ricardox@girlsdaydaily

4 thoughts on “[PICS] 110301 Girl’s Day Jihae Twitter Update

  1. Jihae, always with the super pretty selcas. ^_^
    And she went to an indian restaurant!
    Now I’m hungry…

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous IMO but hey thats me. The first pic really does suit her being the woman of girls day :D

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